A Mixed Hash
Runs Thursday Nights 5.30pm
Tatts Club, 2 Plain Street East Perth.

  Grand Master:   "Double D"
  Munch Mistress:   "DJ"


Bridges Hash House Harriers

Bridges Hash House Harriers
Run: Thursday nights 5.30pm
Tatts Club,
 2 Plain Street East Perth.
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Perth at Sunset

Back in 1991, a group of intrepid Hashers from various clubs decided that in addition to their weekly Hash run another cutting was necessary. (Can you believe it!)

After looking at several possible sites, it was concluded that the most  convenient for all concerned would be around the bridges - hence the name. This 10km course takes in the Narrows Bridge and causeway with some of the best scenery Perth can offer.

Originally the run started from Mends Street on the South Perth side of the river.

Unfortunately one evening several of our cars were vandalised and as a consequence it was decide to shift our location to the Tatts Club where we have been made most welcome.

The run usually commences at 5.30 pm, with most runners completing the bridges in around 50-55 minutes. However times have changed, with some of our members walking and the running time now way over the hour. (So what!!!)

NOTE - Bridges Hash do not have set marked runs. Hashers simply go out in separate packs and do their own thing. There are runners, walkers and strollers, so be there by 5.30pm and join in. There are a number of accepted trails that can be seen here...

As members of the Tatts Club, we are entitled to use the club's facilities which include, bar, pool, gym sauna, spa and showers. (All very civilised.)

Over the years the members have varied from a maximum of about 20 to about 25 who attend on a regular basis. Most members have completed at least 400 runs, with some well over 600. Over the years, club members have used the runs for training to participate in other fun runs such as "City to Surf" and "Round the Bridges".

In addition to our normal run, new trails have been established to give members a more diversified choice of runs each week. These runs include: Kings Park Run - 15km, Burswood Bridge Run - 7 to 8km, Claisebrook - mostly for walkers - 5km and Yagan's Run - 5km.

Whilst most members continue to run with other Hash clubs, Bridges H2O continues to provide a great alternative for those wishing to do a little extra.

Bridges Hash November 28th 2013


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