Date Kit Size Info More
2.05.16 jdaEPGMoreInfo v1.8-6 390Kb TAP to search EPG, IMDB, update EPG entries Strip out useless stuff from movie names like "(Includes...)" and "- Premiere"
24.04.16 jdaSignalMonitor v0.2 265Kb View signal strength/quality Show "Next" key on screen. Updated PDF to reflect HD PVR
5.12.15 jdaSkip 2.6-5 270Kb Skip TAP for TRF-2400/7100+/7170/7160/7260 etc New features: skip minutes, single skip graphic, skipon mute
26.10.14 TMSCommander v1.6-3 148Kb Manages other TAPs menus etc Added support for Favourites, starting/stopping any TAP, TAPs that run GUIs on start
20.08.14 jdaBackToList v1.4 102Kb TAP to return back to filelist on playback stop Fix for Mute option, add Delete
8.06.14 jdaSkip 2.5 270Kb Skip TAP for TRF-2400/7100+/7170/7160/7260 etc Supports all remotes
8.01.13 Explorer v4 beta9 for PC and 2400/2100/7100+/7160 688Kb Manage the PVR from your PC
07.10.11 104Kb IRRename TAP For Australian Topfields only
28.04.11 EPG Upload 3.15 rls4 470Kb TAP for Topfield TRF-2400 .mpg timers and fix the odd bug
27.12.10 Repair7100 15Kb "Stuck on Run" Recovery kit for 7100  
20.04.10 ExplorerV3.6-6 1.15Mb Explorer for older 7100PVRt complete kit Release Notes
18.02.10 328Kb images for Explorer app for 7100
10.11.09 ScreenCapture_OSD 78Kb TAP to capture the screen with OSD for Topfield TRF-2400
05.11.09 EPG Upload 3.15 rls3 340Kb TAP for Topfield TRF-2400
02.03.09 Firmware Tools 1.0 785Kb Firmware unpacker for 7100/7000 on Windows Readme
26.07.09 Repair 15Kb "Stuck on Run" Recovery kit for 7000  
23.03.08 ToppyPCv3.4 1.4Mb ToppyPC for 5000/6000 Topfields (SD version)  
20.02.08 Macrov1.2b2 60Kb Macro for 5000/6000 with source