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This site contains weather information, statistics and real time data for South Hedland, in the Pilbara of North West Australia. South Hedland, Wedgefield and Port Hedland, are more commonly known as simply Port Hedland or Hedland.

The meteorological day used at this station rolls over at 9 am. Data is updated throughout the site every day and every 10 minutes for current data. The gauges page is near realtime, updated every 5 seconds. The weather cam image every minute.

Alerts and Warnings
Current Tropical Cyclones (Bureau of Meteorology)
WA Warnings Summary    (Bureau of Meteorology)
Current Alerts and Warnings (Department of Fire and Emergency Services)

day/night chart Dawn: 6:15 am Sunrise: 6:38 am Moonrise: 11:54 pm
Dusk: 6:09 pm Sunset: 5:46 pm Moonset: 11:05 am
Daylight: 11:54 hrs Day length: 11:08 hrs Moon Phase: Waning Gibbous
Forecast icon

Cumulus Software Forecast: Good weather (Updated hourly)

Station Hardware  Forecast:  Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours (Updated hourly)

NOTE: The above weather conditions forecast is derived from this weather station and software only, it is very often inaccurate.
            The Bureau of Meteorology are much better at it.

Conditions at:
5:50 AM   Tue 26 Jul 2016 (local time +8 UTC)   9:50 PM   Mon 25 Jul 2016 (UTC time )

Temperature and Humidity
Temperature Outside 20.3 °C Rising +0.4 °C/hr
Apparent Temperature 18.2 °C Heat Index 20.3 °C
Average Temperature 24.1 °C Derived THW Index 18.2 °C
Windchill 20.3 °C Dew Point 1.6 °C
Humidity Outside 29 % Estimated Wet Bulb 12.4 °C
Temperature Inside 24.1 °C Humidity Inside 26 %
Rainfall today 0.0 mm Rainfall last hour 0.0 mm
Rainfall Rate 0.0 mm/hr Rainfall since midnight 0.0 mm
Storm Rain 0.0 mm Timestamp of storm start
Rainfall this month 0.8 mm Rainfall last 24 hours 0.0 mm
Rainfall this year 60.6 mm Last Rainfall 20 Jul 2016  4:28 am
Wind Speed (gust) 8.7 kts Wind Speed (avg) 0.9 kts
Wind Bearing 148° SSE Beaufort F1 Light air
Barometer (MSL) 1017.24 hPa Rising slowly 0.09 hPa/hr
Solar Radiation  0 W/m2 Theoretical Max Solar Radiation 0 W/m2
Ultraviolet Radiation Index  0.0  Sunshine Today 0.0 hrs
Evapotranspiration  3.45 mm Calculated Cloud Base 7649 ft

The information provided herein is for informational purposes only and is not guaranteed to be accurate in any way. Do not make any life threatening decisions either directly or indirectly based on the information herein, no responsibility is accepted for any injuries, accidents or other incidents whether fatal or non-fatal, as a direct or indirect result of actions taken based upon the information herein.
Please refer to the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology for the official weather and forecast.

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