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Book Testimonials

Gerarddyn - Singapore

I just received your book, wow....that's fast....It was a fantastic book, extremely informative, all that I needed to know about the Sphynx breed. I have finished reading the book; I was hooked and am reading it all over.
Shay - New South Wales, Australia

I  received my book on Tuesday, and have read it through twice already!! Thank you for writing such a fantastic informative book!!! I now know so much more about the Sphynx. your book will help me lots when I get a Sphynx.

Shirley White - Australian Capital Territory, Australia

International All Breeds Judge (WNCA)

"Overall it is a book of perfect information, very correct info, well placed, and very nicely presented. it would be something anyone would suggest to a novice to have by their side when they start to own a Sphynx.

Congratulations - it is a very well done and professional book that should be placed - if it has not already, into major book sellers shelves. it would be an accent to any novice trainee judge and should be required reading for all judges."


Allison - New South Wales, Australia

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"I purchased the book in preparation for bringing home a sphynx kitten...

The information from the book was great. I particularly found the information on the tummy upsets very valuable as I hadn't read much about that on the internet and now know what to expect and how to avoid it. I am looking forward to putting into practice what I have learned when my kitten comes home."

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