Green House Architects is a Canberra based architectural practice that specialises in environmentally sustainable design with an emphasis on solar winter heating, passive summer cooling, water conservation and the effective use of materials with low embodied energy. We believe in designing to suit your individual living requirements and concentrate on developing construction details that combine visual appeal with good construction details that withstand the test of time.

For the last eight years we have used AccuRate energy modelling as a design tool on every new house. This allows for the internal temperature to be customised for the individuality of occupants, enables them to arrive at solutions that best suit particular habits and situations, and ensures that their money is invested in the most effective way.

We don't stop at the design, but like to see the project through to completion. We work with good quality builders who know how to do this right. However in the process things can get dislodged or missed so we do a final check with infrared camera, air pressure testing and a low e tester at the end of the build.

To ensure the buildings are performing as modelled, we use data logging to track houses hourly over a year, and compare results with those produced by the computer.

With photovoltaics being so cheap it is easy to build houses that are "Zero Net Energy". Now our empahsis is to build houses that are "Zero Peak Energy". This means buildings can switch off all heating and cooling and comfortably ride through any peak events associated with cold snaps and heatwaves. If the desire is there and you want to go off grid, you are able to do so with the help of a modest battery.

With our new houses typically getting down to 2.6 airchanges per hour at 50Pa, extra care is taken to ensure healthy, mould free enviroments. By using solar passive techniques, having large accesssible roof cavities and with appropriate use of building wraps, this can be done without breaking the bank. In our relatively mild Canberra climate, if you have good access to northern sun, you can still have a tightly sealed house without the need for expensive air exchangers and dehumidifiers churning through the power. If you don't have good winter sun you might have to resort to these so it is important to assess on a case by case basis.

It is not all about energy! We love creating beautiful spaces that you can love and grow old in. As well as designing for now, we like to think about what happens when the kids leave home. How can the house be easily adapted beyond its current form? How can a space be used for more than one function at the present moment?

Robbie Gibson is the principal of Green House Architects. He has over 20 years of architectural expericence working in a number of practices in Canberra and Sydney. He is an architect and licensed energy assessor. In 2004 he moved to Canberra to work at Green House Design and Build. In 2006 when David gave up building and Paul moved to Tassie, Robbie formed Green House Architects. Since then we have completed numerous projects, including many 9 star houses where the owners have gone years without use any heating or cooling.

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