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Sked Analyser
Sked Analyser is a tool for analysing position reports during offshore yacht races.
Features and Functions of Sked Analyser V1.0
  • Maintain details of vessels
  • Maintain routes
    • Named waypoints
    • Types of waypoints
      • General
      • Start
      • Mark of the course starboard rounding
      • Mark of the course port rounding
      • Finish
    • Quick entry features
  • Maintain races
    • Assign handicap categories
    • Assign entered vessels
    • Assign handicap ratings for vessels
      • Time on distance
      • Time on time
    • Define Skeds
      • Create reoccurring entries
      • Note channel to be used
      • Specify latitude and longitude call format for quick entry (i.e. DDDMM)
    • Identify vessel recording positions
    • Change vessels race status
      • Did not start
      • Disqualified
      • Disqualified in port (vessel not shown in future Sked lists)
      • Retired
      • Retired in port (vessel not shown in future Sked lists)
      • Finished and record time
  • Record and analyse Positions
    • Easily record vessel positions from alphabetical ordered list
    • Jump to an interrupting vessel and then automatically resume the original call order once interrupting vessels position is recorded
    • Change vessel statuses and record finishing times
    • See vessels position plotted on a chart as the position is recorded
    • Determine vessels progress along the course as the position is recorded
      • Distance covered (DC)
      • Distance remaining (DR)
    • Determine vessels position relative to the recording vessels position
      • Bearing
      • Distance
    • Quick entry features
  • Review handicap positions for vessels in the race
    • At specific Sked times
    • By handicap categories
    • See vessels corrected time
      • This is estimated for vessels still racing
    • Corrected time (CT)
    • If recording vessel is entered in handicap category the difference between the recording vessel and another vessel is shown
      • Corrected time difference (CTD)
    • Vessels without a position report are shown as No Position Report (NPR)
Checkout the demo videos of Sked Analyser:
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