Drive Train Analyser

Drive Train Analyser primary purpose is to review the effects of drive train configurations on both the power plant RPM and road speed. It also has the ability to configure and store assemblies for future analysis. Components for creating assemblies can also be stored and retrieved 'off the self' when building up the assemblies for testing.

Analysis functionality includes:
  • Select complete road assembly to analyse
  • Adjust RPM and review road speed
  • Adjust road speed and review RPM
  • Change gears and review RPM or road speed for selected gear
  • Set RPM range with Min and Max
  • Set road speed range with Min and Max
  • Edit the wheel associated with the current road assembly and review RPM and road speed changes
  • Edit the final drive associated with the current road assembly and review RPM and road speed changes
  • Apply a squish factor to tyre for load (- for centrifugal force)
Configuration functionality includes:
  • Configure complete assemblies (Road Assembly)
    • Power Plant
    • Primary Drive
    • Transmission
    • Final Drive
    • Wheel
  • Configure Primary Drives for reuse
  • Configure Transmissions for reuse
  • Configure Final Drives for reuse
  • Configure Tyres for reuse
  • Ability to send and receive configuration items by email (press down on items name for more than one second)
There are a number of assemblies and components provided with application as examples. Their accuracy in relation to real world configurations cannot be guaranteed so if the intended purpose is for input into critical decisions it is important you review the configurations for accurate representation before using.

A useful resource for car configuration details is DTA is not affiliated in anyway with this site however.

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