Intel Paging Mode example
An example that shows how to take an Intel processor from real-mode to protected-mode and finally into paging mode. All of the code is implemented in the boot sector block. No interupt vectors are setup. In paging mode only the page mapping the bootsector code and the vga text area are mapped.

The beginnings of an Operating System
So far there is just the start of the loader. It is running in protected mode with a simple interupt table etc. It currently displays a prompt and performs some simple commands related to the floppy disk. Loader uses no BIOS (as it runs in PM) so is an example of some raw device programming for Floppy Disk Controller, Keyboard and Text mode VGA. I have also created a FAT12 file system in assembler (I format the disk by raw writing image of bootsector and loader). This might give you some idea of FAT12 structure (WINNT 4.0 doesn't seem to mind it).