Symbolic Stack Tracing Facility
This is a symbolic stack tracing facility for Solaris (Tested on 2.6). By default catches all core dumping signals. Signals can be masked out if desired. First dumps register values followed by as symbolic stack trace. Symbols also now retrieved from shared libraries.

Get Another Processes Environment
This utility allows you to look into another process (owned by you, unless you are root) and get the values of envirnonment variables of this process. It actually checks in the address space of the running process for the values.

Who is using that message queue?
Ever wondered which processes are reading and writing a Unix message queue? No? Oh well,
mqusers will show you the last process (showing command and arguments) to read and write to a Unix message queue. Supplied in

List process from pid
procinfo takes a pid as an argument and displays the associated process (pid, command and argurments). I got sick of typing 'ps -ef | grep pid' and waiting a long time on bigger systems.