Tuxedo fast boot utility
Uses multithreading etc, to start SHM mode Tuxedo application faster. Allows you to specify groups that must be started sequentially (Domain Gateway groups for example). Starts servers in SEQ order.

Tuxedo Queues
Reports Tuxedo queue usage in a SHM mode configuration. Reports top ? worst queues when terminated. Supplied in

Unix Message Queues used by Tuxedo
Similar to tqmon, except that instead of reporting Tuxedo based information it reports information relating to the underlying Unix message queue. Reports % of queue used and last send/receive PID and time. Supplied in

Tuxedo BRIDGE traffic monitor
Simple utility that uses the T_BRIDGE mib to gather and display some simple statistics (bytes sent, bytes received, messages sent, messages recieved, flow control messages). Supplied in

What Tuxedo Server is using that Unix message queue?
This utility takes a unix message queue identifier and finds the tuxedo server that is using the queue and whether it is a receive or reply queue. Supplied in

Which LMID is currently MASTER?
tmasteris displays the LMID of the machine that is currently MASTER. Supplied in tuxutils.zip

Tuxedo Client display utility
tlistclnts displays client details (minus WSH's). Supplied in tuxutils.zip

Tuxedo Client kill utility
tkillclnt allows you to client(s) by username. Will extend it to have the ability to select clients with different criteria sometime (ie: client name etc.). Supplied in tuxutils.zip

What servers/services are hanging?
Monitors which servers/services appear to be hanging or running extremely slow. Can be configured to display various attributes about the server. Also tolerances (relating to time in service) can be configured for server/service combinations to display different severities (INFO,WARN,ERROR) depending on how long the request has been in the service.