34 Union Street - a really nice place to call home

And a low cost way to make our place even nicer. AHB August 2020

The suggestions in this paper come from observing and in several cases questioning residents moving through the two areas discussed. There is agreement about the shabiness and gloom of these most trafficked areas.

At relatively low cost we can make a substantial improvement to the enjoyment of living in our building. Let's start at the back.

Proposal A: Rear lift, ground floor.

The concrete immediately outside the back lift ground floor entrance is rough and the atmosphere is of grey gloominess that extends to the courtyard exit.

Make the courtyard exit a bit nicer by installing a skinny wall of 15mm ply fastened to the car park cage and not extending beyond the cage upright.

Paint it and the concrete walls surrounding the lift exit a nice shade of ???? (a gay sunny colour), fix the rough concrete and make the lighting brighter.

Some thought could be given to an appropriate floor treatment.

Cost estimate:

Fix concrete$100
Thin wall. Materials and fixing$250



Proposal B: Front stairwell exit, ground floor.

There is more work needed here because the area to be treated is bounded by the L1 stairwell entrance, the lobby door adjacent to the lift and the walkway from that door past the stairwell door to the carpark.

1 Door adjacent to the lift. Daylight shows through the lower opening edge and requires minor adjustment

IMHO this is a minor job and could be incorporated into the work on the other doors, probably less than 2 days work at max. $1,000
2 Upper and lower stairwell doors and surrounds need adjustment, cleaning and tidying of cement surrounds Included in the 2 days above.
3 Doors need painting ? See below
4 Stairway between L1 and the ground and possibly from L2 needs cleaning that will require special cleaning materials such as trisodiumphosphate. Very long standing matter. $500
5 Stairwell walls need cleaning or sanding. Probably incorporate into the other painting preparation jobs.
6 Stairwell walls need painting from L1 to ground
7 The wall from the lobby to the corner of the exit needs cleaning as far up as possible and painting to 2.4M Cleaning included in 1

Painting included in 8

8 Painting 3, 6 and 7 $2,000
Total More than the rear but low thousands IMHO $3,500


Proposal C: Install a door and some shelving in the space under the last flight of steps..

At present there is no convenient place to store things. If there was a significant spillage in the middle of the lobby where would the caring resident find things to clean it up? And there are many more examples.