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The intention is that substantial items can move from "You said" to the list of topics in the LH menu to replace topics that have been canvassed and resolved.

Thoughts on maintenance

Hello, I'm Fred Smith; an absentee owner who wonders whether I did the wise thing buying a property in a troubled building. How are things really going?

It was a building with some troubles but you would have been aware of our big win at VCAT, and the subsequent major repairs. There is a little more to do, but the funds are there from our VCAT action, and we expect all to be up to the standard you would like in a few months. Your OC

Another's views

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Low cost improvements

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Simpler financial reports

Hi, I'm the owner of apartment 520 and for most of the time since 2011 when it was first occupied I have lived here. I would like to be more involved in community affairs but spend so much time travelling that it's hard to make a commitment. I had always thought it would be helpful if there was a way to raise topics and have discussions openly.

Each year I get an invitation to the AGM along with some commentary and an incomprehensible financial statement. I guess I have to assume all is in order, but I do think a much clearer annual statement could be provided.

Politics and the strata property

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Courtyard ideas

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Hanging gardens

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