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Thoughts on an Owners Committee policy and notes on maintenance.
Another's view of Strata Committees and a comment on Engagement
A relatively low cost way to make our place nicer. V2
An argument for simpler financial reporting
Political action and the OC
A way to a Courtyard
The hanging gardens of Jewel -V2

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Why does this web site exist?

What's it all about Alfie
Is it just for the moment we live
What's it all about
When you sort it out, Alfie

At this time it is simply a demonstration version as an aid to discover what our community of owners and residents would find useful. The articles in this prototype have been written by a former council member who has lived here since the beginning, and although serious in their advocacy, are there to represent what owners and residents could think important.

If owners and residents choose to read and engage in dialogue, these papers can grow, be changed because of better ideas or removed through lack of interest. it's up to you.

About half of the residents of 34 Union Street are "owners", the other half are the occupiers of apartments owned by people living elsewhere, even overseas in a couple of cases. If the people who live here are content, it should follow that the absent owners are also content.

Why do we need this kind of communication? First a quick explanation of how this building is managed.

Each state in Australia has legislation that allows groups of apartment owners to combine their common interests and jointly manage them. The group is known as an "Owners Corporation" and at an annual meeting these owners elect an "Owners Committee" to manage all the affairs to do with maintenance, finance etc. Lift maintenance and regular cleaning are good examples involved with our everyday living. With a substantial building this task requires a professional manager, in our case, MIA Property Management.

Read the item Another's view of Strata Committees and a comment on Engagement and you will find a very experienced owner emphasising the importance of serious engagement of the Owners Committee with its population of owners and residents.

This has been missing from the 34 Union St owner - resident - committee relationship. Could regular engagement have resulted in a painless installation of solar and the embedded network?

All errors and wrong ideas are mine. Tony Blackmore 401.