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There's serious cleaning required.

There are a number of areas around our building where previous cleaning efforts have not yielded acceptable results. None of this criticism is directed at the Wednesday “Minders” cleaners who seem to do their required job well. The cleaning issues commented on here are mostly those where previous, unsuccessful efforts were left incomplete. A few have never been addressed.

The garage entrance

In full view of the public and any prospective purchaser is a very dirty garage door. Pressure cleaning was attempted, it appeared not to work so there was no more effort. In my view the dirty door is an example of “we don’t care much”.

A careful inspection showed that there is dirt in the small holes as well as on the surfaces. Strong detergent, light scrubbing and cleaning from both sides met with some success on a couple of small areas. I am confident that pressure cleaning, with detergent and scrubbing of both sides will do the necessary job. (Do the back side first). Late note: A recent examination reveals corrosion, so a more serious exmination is needed.

The dirtiness extends from the door outwards and spreading across to the main entrance. Depending on the season there are extensive mildewed areas and commonly litter on the paved areas.

Level 4 Modwood

The northern end of this decking is almost ready for the harvesting of mushrooms (needs a few days of wet weather). The rest simply has a dirty appearance from mould. Cleaning will be difficult because of the need to protect walkers on Level 3 from any pass through dripping of the approved cleaning materials. This has been a requirement for a long time.

Front stairwell

The front stairs from Level 1 to the lobby is a very frequently used route for L1 residents to travel in and out of the building. By misfortune it was also the route to and from the lunch room for the original builders. It was left filthy when they departed in 2011 and has remained so despite several requests by me for special action to clean it.

The dirt problem extends to some extent to L2. It is unarguable that this is a very frequently used access route and associated with it is the route through the lobby door to the car park. The wall from the lobby door is also in need of cleaning. One area with calcite trickles was cleaned by me to the height I could reach and reported some years back but no more was done.


My suggestion is that a concerted plan to remove the grime that pervades our common areas must be prepared. A supervisory group separate from the OC and management must be recruited to ensure that every component of this plan is performed satifactorily.

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