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Having a Policy

Thoughts on an Owners Committee Policy

On January 20th 2022 it will be eleven years from the signing of Occupancy Permit No 13265/09 OP. A bit of luck with the timber cladding and we could soon have all of our nascent issues behind us and it will be time to reflect on where we are going.

To help with these reflections I suggest that the Owners Committee should have a stated objective that will imply past troubles are behind us.

The principal aim of the Owners Committee is to ensure that our building will be maintained as the well built, mid-range building its architect intended it to be.

Beyond our interest in the physical building is a concern for the enjoyment of living here, being a good neighbour and actively participating in the wider community.

We welcome discussion and ideas that will add to the pleasure of occupation and ownership.

Or some similar statement. The reason is to provide a public rationale for the OC's existence beyond the requirements of the Act. It should be stated when the OC report is delivered at the AGM and be a reference point for performance over the year.

Along with the stated policy must be the OC's demonstration of support through a wide dissemination of current status, and active encouragement of resident and owner inputs and discussion.

At present (Jan 2022) we have a consortium of "Owners Committee" and manager "MIA" that believes its raison d'etre to be (in their words):

"The Owners Corporation’s core responsibility is to maintain common property and to administer the Owners Corporation Act (2006) and the Rules of the Owners Corporation."

"The functions of the Owners Corporation are to communicate to owners and with the Committee via formal committee meetings, which are uploaded on the portal."

Owners must decide whether they want covert management or one that canvasses for ideas and aims high.

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