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Albert to Dawson

  1. The east side starts with the Safeway car park with a treed strip along side the Bikeway. Immediately after the car park is a large area of abandoned land and a treed area at the end of Pheonix St. These combined can hold several trees and make a useful rest and conversation place.

    The footbridge at Phoenix Street creates a difficult obstruction to any widening of the bike track. A reasonable partial solution is to nip a corner off the Brunswick Pool surrounding wall. (See pics row 5)

  2. The Bikeway can be widened through to Dawson St.

  3. The east side after Safeway, is dominated by the Brunswick pool and the high brick wall dividing it from the cycle track. Some thought could be given to making the wall “transparent” so that the visual value of the park could become part of the pool environment.

  4. West side has room for planting and Pedway down to Phoenix St.

  5. From here there is room but much untidy car parking. There is still room for planting and narrower Pedway.xxx