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Attachment A Notes about the proposed park area


Since Jan 20. Attachment A reformatted . Changes added.

Introduction. Sentence 1 of "The Idea" changed to mention VicTrack

Since Feb 10 Site restyled and Afford it and Railway added.


Easement. Assumes the present fenced off area containing railway lines, equipment and buildings is contained in an easement.

Fence. The boundary between the park and the operational railway area.

Widen. In most cases implies encroachment into the railway easement but no further than the uprights of the overhead line supports.

Pedway. Shorthand for pedestrian path.

Pedestrian crossings. These are the controlled-gate pedestrian railway crossings. They can be nicely blended into the railside fencing.

Quality fencing. At least weldmesh with iconic posts.

Iconic posts. The park could/should have distinctive makers at all entrances.

Paving. Dark red bitumen? This is more costly than plain black but is aesthically superior. There could be areas of decomposed granite that suppress weeds and would blend better with the red paving.

Bikeway. The Upfield cycle track.

Historic interest. History should include even a note about the plasterboard factory that closed in the latter part of the 2000's to make space for the apartment I live in. The closed rail crossings, remaining bits of rail equipment, other businesses, the silos at Tinning St and very likely even some aboriginal history can be included.


Environmental considerations - This is an opportunity to think creatively about drainage and plant watering.

Can the park be a botanic garden? This would add educational value.

Fences - Adjoining residents should not need to pay for fence repairs and modifications.

Maintenance - Community body participation? School classes, local resident groups and even single residents kept a similar project tidy.

Disused rail crossing gates. Historical or should they be removed to provide space?

Need for speed. Someone may think of how easy it would be to do a cut and cover sinking of the railway from Park to Moreland and use the surface space for a road to solve Sydney Road traffic problems. (Smiling)

Graffiti. Needs contemplation.