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Barkly to Park

  1. Where Barkly St ends at the cycle track there are two narrow strips that can be rehabilitated with planting.

  2. The west side has a good sized piece of land containing a curious brick building that appears to be an unused “official” building.(This building is now demolished apparently because of drug connections.) The land is an obvious park extension. Unfortunately there seems to be insufficient space to provide a pedway from here through to Barkly St. (Perhaps a very narrow one.)

  3. North of Brunswick Rd. and on the east side is a cute signal box with brick chimney and nice tree. The cycle track can be widened.

  4. West side has a lane servicing property rear access that extends more then half way from Brunswick to Park. There is also 3-4 metres of easement space for the full length that can provide pedway and planting.

  5. On the east side there is room to widen for dual access and/or planting.

  6. Park Street is at the bottom of the image and is one end of the linear park. The shaping of the roadside parking in Park allows for significant entrance markers without intruding into access ways.