34 Union Street - a really nice place to call home, close to everything, even the airport, but it could be a lot better

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Thoughts on bike parking

There are two locations at 34 Union Street where bike parking racks have been provided; the area alongside the path to the town houses immediately past the plant rooms, and in the storeroom at the back adjacent to townhouse 4. If the original building plans are examined it will be revealed that the architect provided storage in the rear storeroom for 23 bikes. He was a bit optimistic and the storeroom was built smaller than shown on his plans.

At present there is rack provision for 13 bikes with 6 racks on the west side and a 7 rack unit on the east. Both racks are demonstrably in the wrong positions. The 6-rack on the west side is fastened further out from the west wall than necessary causing some intrusion into the walkway. It also occupies space that can easily accommodate the 7-rack.

If racks like those fitted, are used for the east side of the room they intrude too far into the path to the rear storeroom. If wall mounted hanging racks are fitted there is space for 12 more bikes giving a total of 19.

There is a cost depending on the type of vertical rack, between $400 and $1200.

The bike parking area just past the plant rooms is notable for scruffiness with leaves and other detritus collecting behind the bikes. Cleaning is obviously an issue; an easy remedy is to install metre high fibre-cement sheeting against the red slats behind the bikes allowing for vigorous hosing without affecting the car parks on the other side of the slats. There are 22 bike spaces here. We can – with these fairly modest expenditures - provide 41 bike positions.

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