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The entrance to Brunswick Station

Brunswick station east side looking south at a paved space remaining from the time when trucks backed in to the station to pick up goods deliveries.

Brunswick Station east side from the north showing the graceful station front with the stark paving where cyclists mix with commuters.
Variations on "post and rail" Another coat of paint and then?

Eureka! Somebody loves me. It's the "Friends of Brunswick Station"

Some work, but more space.

From the station, east side looking to Victoria Street.
Brunswick station commuter access, west side looking south

West side looking toward Victoria Street. Note the empty and sterile space.

West side looking toward the station

From Victoria St, east of station looking north to a patch of potential garden.

Looking north from Albert Street. Note more unused space.

West side, looking south from Albert Street. Lots of space.

A "parklet", immediately north of Brunswick pool and adjoining the Safeway space.

East side, looking south from Albert St and showing more unused space.

Space next to Albert Street Safeway.

From the station, west side looking south towards a rather nice tree.