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Community involvement

The project can be handled in several ways ranging from the Joondalup City approach of finding the money, selecting a contractor and giving them 11 weeks to deliver the completed job, through to a major community effort marshalling volunteer workers to work under professional supervision.

The author has personal experience of a totally volunteer business, manufacturing wheelchairs for less resourced countries (third world). After a recent redesign to meet World Health Organisation requirements to meet ISO standards, the product has been authoritatively described as the best "kids" wheelchair in the world.

More than 25,000 wheelchairs have been manufactured by a 100% volunteer workforce of retirees who have been former factory managers, fitters and turners, accountants and plain process workers.

The Government of WA has been persuaded to pay the $36,000 annual factory rental and the rest of the funds comes from donations.

It is certain that our Brunswick population has hundreds of people with useful skills; retired railway engineers, licenced bobcat drivers, surveyors, and countless people eager and able to get involved.

Our wheelchair project had a long list of volunteers waiting for the next position. It follows that there are almost certainly hundreds who are itching to get involved in a project as important as this park.