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Dawson to Union

  1. Eastside the cycle track can be widened. The centre section may need a low concrete retaining wall. The northern part can be combined with the border of the council car park at Dawson St.

  2. Of real value is the 4 metre wide part of the easement that extends from Union St to Dawson Road on the west side, and for its full length adjoins RMIT campus. This can be a pedway with many medium and larger trees. Note that the car park land is Vic Track land leased to RMIT.

  3. The students today need to walk through a narrow marked “safe walking” lane in the car park to get to the entrances in Union and Dawson. A safer and more attractive access is provided if RMIT opened entrances onto the new pedway.

  4. The south end, west side of this stretch has a railway “buffer” that indicates that at one time there was a train parking area and an item of historical interest – did it serve adjacent factories? There is also a good sized signal box and signal gear still in place of interest.