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Jewell  Brunswick  Anstey  Moreland
Looking south from Park St into the parkland

And now north into Brunswick

and from Park St east side.

South from Brunswick St west side, showing access lane and waste space.

Jewell Station west side park.

and again

and once more.

Jewell Station east side from the south

The dreary SE Jewell car park

Front and north of Jewell with lots of bitumen that can become plantation.

Jewell east side north. A nice tree with abandoned surrounds.

Jewell, east side north. More mess.

A bottleneck at Phoenix Street footbrdge

Solved by cutting off the Brunswick pool corner.

A decaying historical item near Union Street

North from Hope Street

and north from the east side

History. Trains parked here near Union Street

Weeds next to the pool wall. Imagine the different feel if the weeds were park and the wall was glass

North from Dawson west side.