Minutes of Meeting No 1


3rd May 2012-05-17 Meeting Room E, Brunswick Town Hall




Jen Hargraves, Martin Forster, Tony Blackmore, Susan Travis, Priiyanca Nadarajah, Ross Millward, Alisa Bunbury, Scott McFadden, Noah Muller, Emma Hopkins, Danny Michell, Mark Gifford, Jonathon Chen, Jamil Dui, Rowshanara begun, Marc Stelzer, Gerard Morel, Andrew Alves





Gerard welcomed everyone to the meeting. All introduced themselves, and gave a brief explanation of their interest in attending




Tony gave a presentation on how master plan could be developed, including thoughts on what the opportunities and issues may be, and how they may be tackled.

(Tony can you provide link and I will add to minutes)




         Victrack Policy of 3m clearance needs to be challenged- just widening it a bit will make a difference. Need to be cautious though.

         Need to develop a plan for line also link it to proposed actions for adjacent land such as Wilson Street Brunswick proposal. Marc has a copy of the Councils 1998 masterplan

         Need to be mindful that it is already a crowded, well used space

         Support for continuing the current approach of improving bits eg Brunswick Station precinct. These actions advertise action along the line

         Consider picnic tables in wider areas

         Consider fruit trees in places like the park near Moreland Station

         Retain Brunswick Station as key demonstration site

         Also support smaller, more organic groups such as Coburg

         Apart from planting consider arts works eg tile creation with school children would need to check ownership of land when installing

         Developer contribution levies discussed Council already seeking to have this included into planning scheme

         Comment that need to make the link friendlier

         Should tap into commercial landowners abutting site eg Coles at Albert Street

         Should consider both sides of the line and try and reduce the pedestrian/bike conflict by separating out if possible




Joint convenors - Gerard Morel and Martin Forster

General members - Jen Hargraves, Tony Blackmore, Andrew Alves, Emma Hopkins, Scott McFadden, Jonathon Chen (IMPRINT)




Two streams of action one to work on strategy, the other on planting

People asked to indicate which area they preferred - everyone signed up for both!

To meet monthly on last (?) first (?) Thursday of the month

Committee to meet before the next meeting