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Moreland Station to Albion Street

  1. The park around Moreland station seems more a simple walkway for commuters than a park to be enjoyed. There are many useful trees but little else. Should this area be included?

  2. Crossing Moreland Road to the south reveals large areas of uncertain ownership on both sides of the tracks.

  3. On the east side there is a large fenced area between the Bikeway and the road. This is followed by about 100M of rough car park and then a further large fenced area signed “Vic Track”. These east side blocks are large enough to have been reserved for sale or buildings but could perhaps yield a strip or so.

  4. The Bikeway proceeds alongside a building wall to Tinning street and can be widened. Similarly from Tinning St. to Albion St.

  5. The west side starts with 50M of wide verge with a couple of trees. This is followed by 100M of untidy right angle car park, 20M of unused land, a brick building, then more car park through to Tinning St. There is plenty of room in this section for plantations and a good Pedway.

  6. At Tinning St rail gate there is a nice small treed area.

  7. From Tinning St to Albion, west side there is room for a Pedway plus plantings.