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Union to Barkly

  1. The full west side is a poorly maintained park mostly bounded by Watson St and the railway. There are several large trees, some lesser trees and shrubs. Much of it is rough grass. The existing paving and un-treed areas are rough. Note that the park is Vic Track land leased to the Council.

  2. The east side is interesting with a rather attractive station building standing at the end of Wilson St and viewable from Sydney Rd. An earlier study aimed at beautifying the area puts much emphasis on the station/Wilson St arrangement with enhanced pedestrian facilities.

  3. East side from the south has railway gate, a small signal box with chimney and space for plants.

  4. There is an untidy, barren car park with room for much vegetation.

  5. The car park in front of the station has large trees and abandoned borders that can handle more vegetation.