History of Floreat Athena Soccer Club 

Besides being one of W.A's most successful Soccer clubs in the past 15 years. Floreat Athena has not always been in the limelight of the state soccer scene.
Founded in 1952 Athena was primarily founded like all the other ethnic clubs, as a meeting place that the greek community and incoming migrants from Greece, could come to and feel more like home. The next year, in 1953 Athena entered a team in the third division along with East Fremantle Tricolore, and Inglewood Kiev.
After many years of hunting for trophies, the breakthrough came in 1975, when Athena won the top four cup. In 1977 the first league championship was won by the club, and on top of this, earlier in the season the night series/ pre-season trophy was also won. This season was especially controversial as coach Bill Dumbell who guided Athena to it's first ever 1st division league title was dismissed as coach due to some internal disputes with the committee.

Things went from bad to worse for Floreat. Season 1980 ended in the club being relegated, but after a strong showing the following year, they bounced back into first division football. The next title that was added to the cabinet was the top-four cup win in 1984, then in 1985 the night series was also added. The most productive period of the club's history was in between the years of 1987 and 1991 where 8 titles were won. In 1987 the D'Orsogna Cup was won, the first knockout cup win in the clubs history.

1988 was the year that Athena won the League, the Knockout cup as well as the Top-four Cup. Although trebles have been achieved before, no other club has performed the treble of winning the main 3 cups that are all decided at the end of a season. This record still stands although it has nearly been equalled on numerous occasions.

In 1989 a decision was made by the federation to change from the common practice around the world making the top-four winner the league champion. In the subsequent 3 years Athena, although galloping through the league seasons of 1989,1990 and 1991 as winners, the club stumbled at the final hurdle losing the top-four cup to our major rival of the late 1980's / early 1990's Perth Italia on all 3 occasions. After 3 years in succession of being the bridesmaid's, the league thought it be best to return to normal policy and adopted the first past the post system from 1992 on.

One positive coming from this era, was the string of 4 successive league titles in the years between 1988 and 1991. The only time this record has been achieved was by Victoria Park who won 6, division one titles between 1934 and 1939.

Another feat which was achieved was the hat-trick of D'Orsogna Cup triumphs in 1987/1988/1989. This has only been done by 2 other clubs in the post-war era, those being Perth Azzurri and Spearwood Dalmatinac.

The title of bridesmaid was carried through the first half of the 1990's where the club reached many finals but as always finished a runner-up. After the successes of the late 1980's through Ken Worden and Alan Vest, Athena hired Eric Williams hoping that a few baron years would end. This backfired and Williams was sacked the week after the First Team suffered a 7-0 thumping by Fremantle Benfica. This was to be the end of an era with players of the calibre of Norrie Sutton, Paul Farmer, Paul Wormley (top scorer 1988), John Hunter (Fairest & Best + top scorer 1990), Ross Greer and Jeff Curran (F & B 1988/89).

In the Off-Season, the newly elected President and the Committee decided to rebuild the club. In the summer of 1995/1996 a new coach was signed by the club by the name of Jim Prygolios, the same man who won the 1993 N.S.L. coach of the year award and led South Melbourne Hellas to a league Championship. The rebuilding started with a core of experienced players like Sean Lynch, Michael Roki, Taki Nikolaidis and the young but experienced Goalkeeper John Xigas and added youngsters around them. 1996 was a rebuilding year for the club with players like James Afkos (signed from Kingsway Olympic in 1996), Troy Bernard and George Tiniakos learning the tricks of the trade swiftly. In the off-season experienced defender Alan Armstrong was signed from the Stirling Lions.

In 1997 the drought was broken and the Night series was won, Shortly after this event, Perth Italia players Peter Coci and Vince Tana joined the club. During the season the newly formed Perth Glory allowed its players to hone their fitness skills by allowing them to join the state league clubs. In Attack Athena was graced by the presence of former Floreat players Bobby Despotovski and Vas Kalogeracos, while the defence was strengthened by Doug Ithier.
After having seen former Floreat player Stan Lazaridis making it in Europe, Vas thought he would have a go as well. In August of 1997 English First division Club Stockport County signed Vas after he trialled with a few clubs.

After the long wait we didn't just win one trophy but we cleaned up the season by winning all three trophies that were there for the taking. After holding off the fast finishing Fremantle for the league then beating arch rivals the Stirling Lions in the Cup Final, the long due success had finally arrived. 

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