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This Page deals with my studies at Leederville T.A.F.E. in Diploma of Building and has some relevant reports and information for other students having anything to do with building or anyone in general who may want to read about building.

    Construction 1B Assignment 1: This Deals with the building of a single story residential house
    after the lock up stage and deals with the finishing trades.

    Construction 1B Assignment 2: This Deals with the building of a multistory residential dwelling and deals with items such
    as retaining walls, footing sizes , and other things that would be associated in building a two-story dwelling.

    Construction Safety -Safety Report: This is a Safety report outlining safety hazards in the Leederville T.A.F.E.
    campus and its surroundings.

    Technology Assignment 1: This report deals what precautionary measures and building materials should be used when
    building within 1 km of the ocean.

    Technology Assignment 2:  This report deals with structures that are built in seismic zones.

    Technology Assignment 3: Building in Cyclonic and High Wind Areas.

    Technology Assignment 4: Energy Efficient Housing.

    Technology Assignment 5: Building with consideration for disabled peoples.

    Waterproofing Materials: Deals with a small range of commercially used waterproofing Materials/systems.

    Suspended Ceilings: Deals with Flush/Jointless System, Modular Panel System and Strip System.

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