Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club

The Esplanade, Dalkeith, Western Australia

Januar 99



"City of York"

Ninety-nine and a half years ago, as dusk fell on a stormy July evening, the beautiful Iron Barque "City of York" rounded Rottnest and searched for the pilot. She was nearing the end of a leg from San Francisco to Fremantle under the guidance of her skipper Captain Phillip Jones. They had sailed through a savage storm that had, the night before, claimed the "Carlisle Castle" with all hands on Coventry Reef, off Rockingham. The two available pilots were engaged with the simultaneous arrival that night of the "America" and the "Freden".

She was a well-found and speedy 1200-ton ship having only just been beaten by the famous "Cutty Sark" in the "Great Race" in 1885. A flare was lit at the base of the lighthouse to warn Captain Jones of the closeness of the Island but he mistakenly assumed through the gloom that it was the pilot boat, and under full sail, struck the reef where she still lies. Captain Jones and 10 of his 26 crew perished. He was eventually cleared of blame by the controversial inquiry and as a result significantly improved procedures and communications were implemented at Rottnest that included a submarine cable and the construction of Bathurst Lighthouse.
In 1961 the "Blue Water Wanderers" raised one of the anchors. It now resides outside our clubhouse at the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club, mainly through the efforts past members and of our life-member Bob Drabble. We also have the Rottnest Island signalling Timeball used at the time.
The National Trust of Australia is concerned at deterioration of the anchor and has strongly recommended that we either preserve it or give it to someone who will. They indicate that actual ownership probably rests with the museum. The WA Museum has provided us with details of the procedure that is required to preserve the anchor and the Committee feels that it is a significant piece of memorabilia and we should do something with the anchor for its next 100 years at our Club.
There are some important issues that we need to put to all members who may have some feelings for the anchor.
It will cost money to restore and adequately protect the anchor. A tax-deductible appeal or sponsorship is possible.
Its current location may not be the best place in the club for it to be. Do members have any suggestions as to where it may be better located?
Should we mark the centenary of the loss of the "City of York" in July next year by dedicating the Commodore’s Ball to the occasion.
Any other ideas will be welcomed.

Peter Hick
Coordinator, City of York Project

"On the House" with our Sociable Vice Commodore
The proposed building extensions to the Clubhouse are taking a lot of attention at the moment.

We plan to build a new galley and toilet facility on the north west corner of the Clubhouse. An architect is working on initial plans with a view to presenting a cost estimate for the Management Committee to consider.

As my time is so heavily spent with house and social matters, Committee man John Patman has taken on the responsibility for the gardens and grounds.

We are getting quotes for replacement of old and damaged curbing around the lawn areas. Together with new line marking on the bitumen, we will see a significant improvement.

Life Member Werner Wieland has been doing a sterling job in the gardens. We have seen some wonderful flower displays and along with Ben Re the two have been taking good care of the gardens.

Thank you both!

Just before Christmas,

Werner sustained a shoulder injury and has been unable to continue his good work. He will be out of action for a few months.

What a great day we had at the Children’s Christmas party in December. There was a police car and a superb new model police motor bike for the kids to hop on. The parents had just as much fun!
Matthew Jackson did a great job as Father Christmas and if you want to see the photos of all those kids and a few adults climbing on his knee, just call in to the Club office.


On New Year’s Eve just gone we held a great party downstairs and on the lawns in front of the Clubhouse.. Over 100 people enjoyed the barbecue and champagne. The dance floor was well patronised with some of our distinguished members performing some remarkably strange rituals  and contortions.
Photos of the night are classified and will not be put on the notice board for all to see.
Come next year!
The celebrations wound down around 2.30 am with many members retiring to their boats to get ready for the barbecue breakfast that started long after the sun got up!

Recently some members and guests have not been observing reasonable dress standards and this has been causing some embarrassment to other members.
In future errant members or guests will be refused service and asked to leave the bar. The Management Committee has agreed that soiled work clothes are not permitted in the bar area after 6.00 pm. Please use the showers and change your clothes if you wish to stay.

Tuesday January 26th evening.

Come and watch the fireworks display from the Club on Australia Day. We will have a barbecue meal available, please let us know how many meals you would like to order.

It is best to arrive at the Club early, say around 6.00 pm, so that you can cook your meal and finish before the fireworks get under way.
We plan to have a decent sound system this year after receiving comments about our poor old speakers last year. Yes things get better!


Sunday March 7th, 9.00 am.

Plan now for this most popular breakfast put on for no other reason than to have a good time. The Management Committee are the cooks on the day and we are treated to a superb breakfast and a glass or two of champagne. Lots of fun, see you there.

Saturday March 27th, 6.00 pm.
A new event on our social calendar this year is a Chilli Mussel Dinner. What a feed!
Member John Pisconeri and his friends and the Social Committee will prepare a superb feast of Chilli Mussels, Italian Style, with maybe a crab or two thrown in and some seafood, who knows?

Note the date and time – 6.00 pm on Saturday 27th March.

Why not use up any bar vouchers you have left.


I wish you all a happy and prosperous year.
Enjoy yourselves at the Club. We have a really good year of social events coming up and the new kitchen facilities that are being built will certainly help. We look forward to seeing you at lots of our shows.
Trevor Goard
Vice Commodore

Mon, Tues 4.30 pm - 7.00 pm
Wednesday 4.00 pm - 11.00 pm
Thursday 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm
Friday  2.00 pm - 10.00 pm
Saturday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm
Sunday  11.00 am - 7.00 pm

A Surge of Power
We are off to Mandurah again. Last year we had a Club Cruise to Mandurah that was so successful that we’ll be going again.
Labor Day long weekend,
February 27th, 28th and back on March 1st.
We will depart from the Squadron in two groups. The first convoy will leave on Friday 26th in the afternoon or evening for a Rockingham over night stay. The second convoy will leave on Saturday morning and everyone will meet up at Mandurah about noon Saturday.

Mandurah Yacht Club will provide moorings, a meal on Saturday night and a superb barbecue on Sunday.
Because of the good time we had last year and the number of members who are keen to go this time, it may be necessary to limit the numbers.

There is a booking sheet in the Club bar so put your name down if you think you may be a starter.

You’ve all done a pub crawl we are sure! Well a variation on the theme is our March Power Boat adventure.
Will we let the yachties in?
On Sunday we depart the Squadron at 0845 hours in time to have breakfast at East Fremantle Yacht Club at 0930. We have been invited to lunch at Fremantle Sailing Club and we return up river stopping at either RFBYC or CYC during the afternoon.
Back at the Squadron we will have an early barbecue (1700 hours) and a debrief.
An early night may be needed after all that. It should be a lot of fun so put the Club Crawl in your diary as a "must do".

PFSYC Ocean Voyages

At last in print we have a record of sea voyages taken by Squadron members during past years.
Life Member Hew Jarman dedicated years of research and record keeping and has published a book which details voyages up until 1990.
Ray Lynch circumnavigated the globe in Aluette in a 35 foot steel Ketch in 1979.
Other well known members have travelled around the north west coastline.
Graham Norton, who is our most experienced ocean sailor has sailed thousands of miles around the Indian and Pacific Oceans and has won the Fremantle to Bali race.
Copies of the book are available from the Club for $20.
Now we would like a keen member to keep the records from 1990 onwards with a view to publishing a follow up journal in years to come.

Yacht Racing Results
October 16th
1 Accordando Trevor Colley
2 Boomer  Alan Fletcher
3 Sea Honey Graham Norton
Fastest Time Out Alan Johns
October 23rd
1 Sea Honey Graham Norton
2 Accordando Trevor Colley
3 Leda  John Knoch
Fastest Time Out Alan Johns
October 30th
1 Leda John Knoch
2 Sail Away Sue Jordan
3 Overlord Matthew Bascombe
Fastest Overlord Matthew Bascombe
November 6th
1 Wilhelmina Neville Hall
2 Time Bandit Graham Zorn
3 Troika  Don Clarke
Fastest Mermaid Bob Carr
November 13th
1 Sally Malay Gabor Hamory
2 Sea Honey Graham Norton
3 Norwegian Kiss Bill Bland
Fastest Leda  John Knoch
November 20th
1 Polaris  Mark Blackman
2 Shibumi  Wally Pickford
3 Accordando Trevor Colley
Fastest Mermaid Bob Carr
November 27th
1 Wilhelmina Neville Hall
2 Empathy Bernie Kaaks
3 Sea Honey Graham Norton
Fastest Time Bandit Graham Zorn
December 4th
1 Shibumi  Wally Pickford
2 Time Bandit Graham Zorn
3 Sea Honey Graham Norton
Fastest Mermaid Bob Carr
December 11th
3 Troika  Don Clarke
2 Boomer  Alan Fletcher
3 Toodyay  Joe Edgecombe
Fastest Leda  John Knoch
December 18th
1 Shibumi  Wally Pickford
2 Norwegian Kiss Bill Bland
3 Accordando Trevor Colley
Fastest Free Loader Mark Loader


1 Time Out Rob Brown
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
3 Sea Honey Graham Norton
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
October 18th
1 Wild One Chris Edge
 Exit  Oly Girardin
 Time Out Rob Brown
2 Colusion Neville Price
3 Accordando Trevor Colley
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
Fastest Time Out Alan Johns
October 25th
1 Satori Murray Cameron
2 Ram Noel Blandford
3 Accordando Trevor Colley
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
November 1st
1 Time Out Rob Brown
2 Igawa  David Atkinson
3 Accordando Trevor Colley
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
November 15th
1 Aud  Peter Grieve
2 Stray Cat Peter Howlett
3 Igawa  David Atkinson
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
November 22nd
1 Time Out Alan Johns
2 Sea Honey Graham Norton
3 Aud  Peter Grieve
Fastest Time Out Alan Johns
November 29th
1 Solute  Tim Bussemaker
2 Wild One Chris Edge
3 Sea Honey Graham Norton
Fastest Leda  John Knoch
December 6th
1 Accordando Trevor Colley
2 Sea Honey Graham Norton
3 Igawa  David Atkinson
=Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
=Fastest Scarper  Givenchy Langer
December 13th
1 Sea Honey Graham Norton
2 Igawa  David Atkinson
3 Kiwi Express Ian Smart
Fastest Time Out Rob Brown
December 20th
1 Stray Cat Peter Howlett
2 Kiwi Express Ian Smart
3 Nicolina  Peter Jarman
Fastest Stray Cat Peter Howlett

New Marina Rules
1. Shore power is not to be connected to an unattended vessel (with very few exceptions).
The only Club jetties meeting Western Power’s regulations for shore power connection to a vessel are the 8 outer pens on A Jetty and all of F Jetty.
The only vessels that may have power connected while unattended are: Those in the above pens, have lodged Certificates of Electrical Compliance with the Club and use extension leads approved for marine use (ie weatherproof ends 15 amp rated).
2. Refuelling is not to be carried out anywhere in the Club’s lease area except from the Club’s fuel pumps.
3. Spent toxic waste liquids (old engine oil, paint thinners, bilge water etc.) are to be removed from the Club’s lease area by the member concerned.
Hew Jarman’s Room

Junior sailing

To honour the long contribution to the development of Junior sailing by Life Member and past Commodore Hew Jarman, the newly renovated Junior room has been named "The Hew Jarman Centreboard Room". The room was opened by the Club Patron, Premier Richard Court, as part of the ceremony at the 1998/99 Opening Day.

The room together with the renovated Junior Canteen are part of our on going efforts to introduce our youth to sailing and to train them safely and effectively so the they enjoy and take part in the great sport of sailing during their lives.

We have also purchased a new 15 HP outboard motor to be used on the rescue dinghy that Commodore Rob Brown has loaned the Juniors.



We still have problems with boats and cars being broken into and items stolen. In particular there have been cars in the visitors’ carpark being damaged and the contents rifled.

It is happening during daylight hours.

Please tell your guests to remove valuables from the car.
Just recently a woman lost the contents of her handbag (you know what that means, including credit cards, money and other personal valuables). She said, "but I put the handbag under the seat".


Bar Vouchers Jan-Mar

New bar vouchers are now available. The vouchers will be valid until March 31st 1999. Please note that they expire in March because of our March year end accounting. Other vouchers that will be issued in April, July and September will last for six months.


Jane Brook Award

Our sponsor, David Atkinson has provided bottles of Jane Brook wine to be awarded after every Friday afternoon race

October 16th

Neil Loftus The Old Croc

What a day for poor Neil. It was blowing a gale. You should have seen his mast – it looked like a mangled paper clip after he sailed a bit too close to the North Point Walter Spit Post.

October 23rd

Graham Norton  Sea Honey

Gee they always pick on Graham. This time they gave him the prize for being in the right during a keen skirmish out on the course. But isn’t he always?

October 30th

Wally Pickford Shibumi

Well done Wally, you sure proved a thing or two by sailing singled handed around the course. The kids couldn’t do it as well these days! Bet you couldn’t beat Graham Norton single handed! Why don’t we have a proper single handed race one day?

November 13th

Bernie & Lana Kaaks Empathy

A special award to Bernie and Lana for running our Start Box on Opening Day so efficiently and hassle free.

November 20th

Jeff Wildy Big Foot

We know Club Managers have to bow and scape to the members but Jeff is Manager at CYC and he didn’t have to be so nice to our David Atkinson on the Start line. Still it was worth a bottle of Jane Brook!

November 27th

Starr Colley Galley Queen

Thanks you to Starr for her work in organising the Friday afternooners galley roster and a few damn good feeds!

December 4th

Bernie Kaaks Empathy

This was the day we take about a thousand Catholics out on the water for a good time. Bernie lost one of his guests overboard. The guest walked back on board and held out his Holy Grail for a top up!

December 11th

Alan Fletcher Boomer

Today’s award had nothing to do with Alan’s brilliant sailing, it was his birthday and he was on top of the world.

Flotsam & Jetsam


The ice supply at the Club gets better and better. Now with bags of food grade ice as standard we have a bigger fridge and for the first time for many years over Christmas we didn’t run out.

The bags are bigger and of course the price has gone up! Five kilo bags are $2.50 and the ten kilo blocks are $5.00.


The barbecue packs available on our Wednesday evening have been improved. We had comments that the ‘men’ would like bigger steaks.

Steak and sausages $5.50
Chicken breast  $3.50
Pepper chicken  $3.50
Salad   $2.00


We have purchased a Toyota Hilux ute for use with the slipway and general duties. The Toyota is proving to be superbly reliable and is doing a good job pushing the cradles along the slip rails.


All boat owners are asked to forward a copy of their boat registration and insurance papers to the office.
All boat owners must have suitable third party insurance.
The Department of Transport is to license river mooring (and charge an annual fee of course). This will not apply to moorings within the squadron’s water lease area.
Our new staff member in the bar is Leigh Sutcliffe who comes to us after working at the Adelaide Casino and various hotels in South Australia. He is experienced in Bar, Gaming, Waiting and Cooking.
Well liked and long time member, Des Bogle, passed away on January 9th. Des has most recently been helping as a starter for Sunday races. Our condolences have been sent to his wife and family.
Club member Graeme Jennings of Kirk Page Jennings, Accountants, has been appointed Club Auditor following the resignation of Life Member Geoff Glenister.


Our plans at the moment for New Year’s Eve 1999 are for a casual low cost affair mainly on the lawn in front of the Clubhouse. The success of the 1998 NYE party has indicated that the majority of members would prefer a relaxed evening at the Club without too much formality. We will be able to see the fireworks and if you have a boat you can always sleep at the Club. Perhaps the Social Committee would like to set up a dormitory and sell beds!

Welcome Aboard

We welcome the following new members:

Tim Casey
Julian Hamlet
Enza Lofaro
Peter Hughes
Grainne Hehir
Judith Casey
Sean Casey
Nathan Sgro
Simon Agnello
Jeri James
Sarah Hopwood
Frederick Baynes
James Gouldson
Esther Baker
Alissa Bernardi
Tony Gordon
Joel Gordon
Claire Gordon
Merrill Baker
Garth Curran
Coming Events



Tuesday January 26th, 6.00 pm.

Bring your family and friends to the squadron to view the "Skyshow". Have a picnic on the lawn and buy drinks from the Club. BBQ packs and salads available – best to order in advance, ring 9386 6437 before the weekend (by Friday 22nd).
Big stereo simulcast loudspeakers will be on our balcony.


Friday February 5th, start 7.00 pm.

This is our annual night race which attracts dozens of yachts from other Clubs and sails a course which takes the yachts through the start lines of most of the river Clubs.


Weekend February 13th & 14th.

Take your boat to Longreach for the weekend and join in this popular Club event. There will be a huge beach barbecue on Saturday night and it is time to meet new and old members and families on the sand at a wonderfully happy party.


Weekend February 26th – March 1st.

Travel to Mandurah in company. Give Rotto away and take the opportunity to navigate new waters with other boaties who know the way.


Sunday, March 7th 9.00 am.

This is our first big social event at the Club for 1999. The committee do the cooking and it is always a huge success. Please book early.


Saturday March 27th 6.00 pm.

Here is a new social event. John Pisconari has put his money where his mouth is and will be organising a red hot Chilli mussel night. Me thinks we will need lots of frothy beer and bubbly wine to wash it all down. Bring an apron!


Sunday March 28th 8.45 am.

Whether you went to the Chilli Dinner or not, this all-day Sunday event will be a beauty. Breakfast at the first port of call EFSC then lunch at FSC. This is a special social event for the power boats and you won’t be competing against a clock. Debrief at the Squadron late afternoon.

This is not the official Home Page of the Club and reflects my personal views only, however the text above is an electronic version of the SQUADRON NEWS newsletter

Frank ACS