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'Sailor' Bob Adamson
Non-conceptual, Self-knowing Awareness


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'Sailor' Bob Adamson
Photo by Alan Johnston

I AM not speaking to any 'body'.
I AM not speaking to any 'mind'.
I AM speaking to THAT I AM that I AM,
that expresses through
the mind as the thought I AM.
Just THIS, NOTHING else.

This is the direct and immediate introduction to the natural state, the actuality 'That Thou Art', expressed through 'Sailor' Bob Adamson and addressed to seekers who have found their way to him over the past 34 years.

Bob's search ended one day in 1976 when he was in the presence of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, a much revered Jnani who functioned always from the 'natural state'. Nisargadatta told Bob that "the greatest help that can be given to anyone is to take them beyond the need for further help".

Bob says: "Nisargadatta did this by pointing to the reality, the actuality, THAT I AM. Now, I abide as THAT".

So as the opportunity arises, Bob passes on this message to those who are attracted to this wisdom.

Only THAT: The Life and Teaching of Sailor Bob Adamson

by Kalyani Lawry

"I think the book will make many more people aware of Bob and his message. It is great to have a high-quality book available on Bob. This one does the trick admirably".

~ John Wheeler

Now available to be ordered via: Non-Duality Press

Or, if you visit Bob in Melbourne, you can purchase this or any of the other books on this website at his meetings.

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Conversaciones con 'Sailor' Bob Adamson

Spanish translation of
"One Essence Appearing as Everything"

translated from the English by
Juan Carlos Savater

"Una Sola Esencia is a beautiful gift to Spanish speaking seekers everywhere...Bravo".      ~ Eliot Weber

Now available to be ordered via: Indica Asia Libros
or alternatively via: La Isla Libros

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You Are That Essence

Bob speaks about the essence that we already and truly are, and his words open to some profound and heartfelt dialogues with those present. This 48 minute session is sublime - there is warmth and compassion radiating to all as he responds to the numerous questions and invites each to recognise who they truly are.

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Songs written and performed by John Wheeler

"The Sailor Bob Song"
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"Song of the Sixth Patriarch"
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