William Of Ockham, Dialogus, edition and translation
Title page, preface, table of contents

Article in T. Mautner (ed.) Dictionary of Philosophy (Blackwell, 1996)

Ockham and the Dialogus

Ockham's Political Writings (from P.V. Spade (ed.), The Cambridge Companion to Ockham (Cambridge, 1999))

Ockham and Infallibility (from The Journal of Religious History, 16 (1991))

Ockham and Early Christianity (paper read to Society for the Study of Early Christianity)

Introduction to Ockham, The Work of Ninety Days

Natural Law and Will in Ockham (Paper read to The Australasian Society for the History of Philosophy)

Ockham: A short discourse on the tyrannical government usurped by some who are called Highest Pontiffs (McGrade and Kilcullen),
Ockham: A Letter to the Friars Minor and other Writings (McGrade and Kilcullen)
Ockham: The Work of Ninety Days (Kilcullen and Scott) here and here, or here (Corrigenda, from Jon Robinson )
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