Join a political party, be a preselector.

Reforming the ALP needs restatement of objective, separation from the Unions, no "Show and Tell".

Climate Change needs a summit, deliberative polling and a plebiscite.

Asylum Seekers should not be punished for arriving by boat.
    Comments on a speech by Richard Marles
    Messages to Malcolm Turnbull
    Turnbull, Shorten, Marles on Manus and Nauru.


Palestine should be recognised as soon as it satisfies art.4 of UN Charter, with or without Israel's agreement.

Overseas deployments of Australian Forces should be approved by Parliament.

Treaties should be approved by Parliament.

Comments on Latham's speech on the US alliance, 2004.

The US/Australian Alliance. There is no alliance.

Improving the Australian political system.

Submission to Joint Standing Committee on Electoral Matters, 2004: optional preferential voting, Robson rotation, multiple nominations in H of R seats, more use of deliberative polling.

Academic web site: history, philosophy and politics.

William of Ockham. Text editions and translations of 14th century philosopher and political thinker who contributed much to the modern world.

Classical Music on You Tube.