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The quickest way to travel between Perth and Albany in Western Australia is via the Albany Highway.

But is it the BEST way?

We decided to follow the railway line between the two Cities, and find out a bit more about the towns that were established because of the railway.

We had travelled the road countless times in the past, having lived and played in the area over many years.
What we didn’t expect to find, was how little we really knew about our own back yard.

In this day of bypass roads and the hurry to get from Point A to Point B, it is so easy to forget about these
small towns and the people who live in them.

And so, we decided to bypass the bypasses, and in doing so, avoid the seemingly hundreds of trucks and consistent traffic on the “other” highway, and enjoy a leisurely few days driving through some gorgeous country, discovering some amazing architecture, a plethora of museums unique to each town, and sampling the coffee, meals and bakeries, and much more.

This then is Highway 120, The Great Southern Highway.

Filmed in April - September 2017

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Trans Australian Railway
(2 DVD)

From Kalgoorlie to Port Augusta, the Trans Australian Railway
draws a thin steel line accross the continent that can be seen
from space. It was the first method of transport constructed across
the continent, the Eyre Highway wasn't constructed until 24 years
later. It opened up the country, it created communities, it delivered
equipment to Australia's darkest secret - The Atomic Weapons Testing
Range at Maralinga in the 1950s. And it help change the way of life
for the Anungu people, the traditional owners of the Maralinga Lands.

We followed the railway line, and filmed what it had been, and what it is now.
1600 kms across the Nullarbor Plain, and through the sandhills and into
the outback of South Australia.

We looked at the people, the way they live, and the settlements
that used to be home to groups of people, and are now
just another place on the map.


The story consumes 2 DVDs. Disk One covers the Western Australian story.
Disk Two covers the South Australian story.

Filmed in April and September 2015.

$30 inc P&H


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FEEDBACK 17/12/15

"I received your DVDs and think they are great ... I have hundreds of documentary DVDs
but yours are the very best I have watched ... neither your highly polished
TV documentary featuring more of the presenter than the trip
nor your almost-condescending, over-commercialised 4WD production ...
just a great informative trip video that tells it all as it is."

"Just looked at your latest DVD The Nullarbor Trans &
Maralinga, I was very impressed with the 2 discs
Found your drone views very impressive, and your historic comments very interesting.
Thanks for such a great journey loved every moment and every comment."

"Just finished watching the video. Most enjoyable and you have excelled as usual.
Love those shots from the drone, must be an expensive bit of gear
to have the same clarity as the rest of the video.
Looking forward to your next adventure wherever that may be."

You can read about our adventures and misadventures here



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Gibb River Road
(2 DVD)


The Gibb River Road joins Derby to Kununurra and Wyndham. The road is 690
kms long, but by the time that we had taken in most of the side tracks
(including Kalumburu), we had covered over 2500 kms.
The GRR is a must on most 4WD enthusiasts bucket list. We were
lucky in that the size of the last wet season ensured that there
was still plenty of water, despite our tour being fairly late in the tourist
season. We spent 17 days on the GRR, and this double DVD set covers
our journey. July - August 2011

$30 inc P&H


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Saturday night enjoying DVD 2 from this presentation , thanks Laurie this is great!I found watching this DVD with a map on my lap made me feel I was on the trip, great detail and information. It is a great motivator to get back into these parts

FACEBOOK 11/5/14


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Cape York - Trip To The Tip
2 DVD Set

This trip had been on the bucket list for years. We left Cairns towing
our 30' caravan, and made our way to Weipa, where we off loaded
the van, and headed acrossto the Telegraph Road, to continue
our trip north. We took in the Old Telegraph Track, before
getting to the top. We looked at everything we could get in to,
before heading back to the Jardine River Ferry.

The second disc covers the trip back south, taking in the
Captain Billy Landing, before we picked the van up at Weipa,
and headed to Archer River, where we abandonded the caravan
again, heading out to Portland Roads,
Chilli Beach and Lockhart River.

Continuing south, we travelled through Lakefield National Park
to get to Cooktown. We can't be sure, but we feel this is the most
comprehensive coverage of the amazing Cape York,
and all
presented from the perception of a traveller...... July 2010

$30 Inc P&H

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The Savannah Way
3 DVD Set

This is a Caravan Odyssey. We travelled from Broome to Cairns, and
followed the bitumen. There is around 5 hours of video, there is a
lot more on the cutting room floor, and there is a lot that we didn't see.

We have split the trip into Three DVDs, covering the
Western Australian, Northern Territory and Queensland
sections of the journey
Whether you are a Grey Nomad, Geriatric Gypsy, or a NOT so Grey Nomad,
This is a taster of what to expect if YOU are contemplating doing the journey

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$39 Inc P&H

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What some of our customers have said

I have enjoyed what I have watched so far on Carasavannah Way. I have travelled some of where you have been but I have missed a few of the places you have looked at. It has made me want to do the trip again in a bit more detail. In all your dvds you cover the area meticulously and I love your commentary. Whenever I do a trip I get the relevant dvd out and plan my trip accordingly. You are the only one I know who shows such attention to detail, e.g. places to camp, road conditions, interesting side trips etc. They pretty much “hit the spot” with me.
I have just started using a caravan so the latest dvds are timely and very useful.
The Savannah Way

The quality of your DVD’s has improved over the years, Content is also good as you are looking at most things along the road.  With your older DVD’s in areas I had travelled I often asked myself “why didn’t you go there or spend more time at a location”, but then you’d show aspects of the route that I never bothered or new to stop and look. Your research is good and informative.
The Savannah Way

I have watched the first two discs, and loving every minute of them. Whilst I have travelled extensively around the Top End over the years, including up through the Red Centre (2009) and across the Nullarbor (1985), I have always planned to drive up the east coast from Sydney, and across the Savannah Way when I retire in several years’ time. For the first trip across, I will be sticking to the bitumen/light dirt roads, and may get more adventurous over subsequent trips into the future. So, your Savannah Way DVD has provided me with a lot of insight, brought back happy memories of my past trips, plus shown areas of interest that I would possibly have driven straight past.
Trouble is, after watching the DVDs, I want to go TODAY!
The Savannah Way

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The Birdsville Experience 2010

(Originally released as a 2 DVD set)

Ever since I was a kid, I wanted to go to Birdsville, and the
opportunity presented itself whilst in Queensland in 2010.
Little did I know, that after having planned other trips and
all of them going to plan, that this trip would prove to be
the one that would chuck all those plans out of the window.
In truth, we made it up as we went along, But the rain blew our
plans right out of the water - so to speak.

And so this DVD follows our adventures, and whilst initially
planned as a journey down the Birdsville Track and back up the
Strzlecki, it took us on a totally different trek altogether ........
September 2010

$20 Inc P&H


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I have watched the DVD Laurie. Great viewing as usual. Lots of good information. Some of those 'puddles' across the road looked a bit scary. I wanted to go across the punt in 2010 but i couldn't. i eventually got there in 2011. it was a lot drier then. thanks for making these DVD's available. I look forward to your next adventure.
Birdsville Experience 2010


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We have just finished re-editing and updating our Eyre Highway Experience ... Sept 2016

Crossing The Nullarbor
The Eyre Highway


It would appear that most people use the Eyre Highway to
get from Norseman to Ceduna as quickly as possible.
And in doing so, they miss some of our most amazing countryside.
And so, we decided that we would spend a few days
having a good look around, and what we have here
is a record of our adventures.

The Nullarbor IS a really amazing place.

Visit the Eyre Bird sanctuary, take a run along the
Old Eyre Highway, drop into Koonalda Homestead
and discover the incredible car cemetery, and have a
look at a number of caves including Pannekin Plains Cave,
which inspired the movie Sanctum. January - November 2010

$20 Inc P&H


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Just wanted to let you know I have just returned from trip, Perth Adelaide Perth.
Sections of the Nullabor trip were taken from your DVD I bought a while back.
Great info in the DVD, and was great to as reference to plan my trip.
Great info and thanks for making time to produce the DVD.
I have your other DVDs and currently using them to plan other trips.
The Eyre bird Observatory was fantastic and the track in very enjoyable!!!




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In September 2015, we followed the Trans Australian Railway line.
You can read about our adventures and misadventures here


We spent June - October 2013 filming
The Savannah Way.

You can read the Blog of our adventures here

Albany to Broome
Broome to Katherine
Darwin - Kakadu
Katherine to Mount Isa
Mount Isa to Cairns

The return to Albany

Mareeba - Emerald (via Winton and Longreach)
Emerald - Sydney
Sydney - Albany

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