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This is Laurie Kibblewhite, aged about 15 yrs, with Gilmore Greig on drums, and Bob Beach on Sax. This was my first professional band. The place - Albany, Western Australia.


Aged about 18yrs, with Graeme Martin on drums and Bob Beach on sax. At this time, Bob and I played with various drummers, playing "Old Time Dance Music".
The first band to employ me on a freelance Basis, was the Bluestars in Albany. Greg Young on drums, Bob Beach on sax.


Aged 21 years, playing at my sister's wedding.


This band was where I really started getting into rock'n'roll. Aged here about 28 years. Ian Hoglin on drums, Greg Dutczak on Bass, and Bill Page on Guitar. The organ was a Yanaha YC20, played through a Leslie. Now in Katanning, WA


I was brought up as a piano player - here with my first organ and Leslie. In these days, I had hair and was relatively skinny.


Now about 31 yrs, and my beloved Acetone GT7 and "Crummy" (Crumar) electric piano, playing at a wedding.


With Sue Downey (later to play with me in "Three In A Cell" in Perth in the mid 90's), and Greg Dutczak on bass.


One of our regular gigs was at the Club Hotel in Collie.


Now about 32 yrs of age, and a new band called "Instant Replay". It lasted about 6 months, but the organ had gone, replaced by Yamaha CP20 Electric Piano, Arp Omni MkII String synth, and Arp Odyssey Synth. The Omni cost $2800 just for a string sound, and the Odyssey had to be turned on about an hour before the gig, to allow everything to warm up, before the tuning would settle down.

After a break of some years, I bought a Korg T3, and formed a duo with John Reid (who had a hit in the seventies with his sister in a duo called "The Sameday Twins").
Then it was time to join forces with Gil Oswald and reunite with Sue Downey, with whom I had played in Katanning some years earlier.
Gil had been out of the scene for some time, and being very much a fan of vaudeville, this outfit was an attempt to get involved in the cabaret circuit.
We had moderate success, and a lot of fun. I was back playing organ and piano again.
3 in a Cell in rehearsal
On my 50th birthday, Kis'n Tel evolved from the old "3 In A Cell", when Connie Kis Andersen joined us. We were also now playing regular pub gigs, and our music was becoming more pub oriented.
I don't claim to be a singer, but something obviously stirred me along on this occasion
In time, Gil left, and was replaced by a brilliant guitarist with a great voice, Karl Redlich.
With Karl and Connie, the act had changed very definitely into a pub rock type trio, and it was then that the dreams that I had when "3 in a Cell" was formed some 3 1/2 years previous, were now coming to fruition, with the band working on average twice a week
That tongue is still making it's presence felt.
New Years Eve , 1999 - the millenium - and six month's later, I left the band, having achieved everything I wanted to do over the past 5 1/2 years. It was time for new challenges. The blues were beckoning. Kis'n Tel continued as a very successful duo. Connie Kis Andersen is now pursuing a career as a singer/songweiter in Australia and USA
The Paul hammond Bluesmakers was the new outfit, and I was using a Yamaha P100 piano and an Oberheim OB3 organ module thru a Leslie speaker.
We started to pick up the odd gig - in the background is singer Roy Skinner and guitarist/co-founder Paddy Allcock
By now I needed a few more sounds, and I invested in the Yamaha S80 and a Hammond XK2 combo organ
We did a number of Sunday afternoon gigs at the Broken Hill Hotel beer garden
These Sunday gigs were great fun and we developed a keen following
We also did a couple of shows for Trinity College fair days
We were also well received at the Perth Blues Club.

The Paul hammond Bluesmakers lasted for three years, during which time, Paddy moved to Bridgetown, and his spot was taken by Brad Johnson. Original drummer Trevor Judd left, along with bassist Kevin Kelly. Roy Skinner added the bass to his singing duties, and the drum chair was taken over by Micke Johannson. Debra Lee decided to leave during the recording of our CD, and then Micke moved back to Sweden for family reasons.

Brad then moved to join Connie Kis Andersen in Kis'n'Tel, and BBXpress was formed with Roy Skinner (Bs/vcls), Peter Charlesworth (dms), and Danny Caporn (gtr)

Then singer/saxophonist Karen Rudge gave me the call to work on a regular basis, and B Sharp was born.

Karen is a talented singer who also plays Sax, Clarinet and Harmonica.
The duo worked until June 2007, when we both decided to call a break.

June 2014, and I rejoin the Bluesmakers lineup in Bridgetown, Western Australia.
This is at the Bridgetown Hotel - Blues Club Meeting
Paddy Allcock (gtr/vcls) Graham Johnson (dms) PhilHuband (bass)

Bridgetown also had a Musicians Club called the Green Door


Some of My Original Songs

Nice Girl
It All Went Wrong
What Did I Do
Bored Lonely Housewife
Best Friend Blues
(I wasn't told until a couple of months after we had recorded this,
that the guitarist had stolen the guitar part from SRV)
Revenue Man


Laurie Kibblewhite (Vcls, B3, Piano, El Piano)
Roy Skinner (Vcl on Revenue Man, Bs)
Brad Johnson (gtr)
Micke Johannson (Dms)
Debra Lee (Vcl on What Did I Do)
Gil Oswald (Sax, Clarinet)


Don't Tell Me About The Blues
Mind Your Own Business




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