Kory Sound Tone Cabinet

To the best of my knowledge, this cabinet was designed and built in Australia in the seventies.
It was obviously built to be handled by roadies, and although split for ease of use, weighs a ton.

The horn uses a counterbalance, (similar to that used these days by the Motion Pro 3T)

A former employee of the manufacturer took the time to call me, and fill me in on the Kory cabinets origins.
The designer and manufacturer was Ted Carless, who operated out of a shed in his back yard in Brunswick in Victoria.
He called his company Echo Engineering. I believe he made his first cabinets in about 1960-61.

Originally, the cabinets were made in a polished timber, the cabinetry being done by a company called Sunshine Cabinets.
It appears that Carless was aware that there was a potential infringement of copyright or patent design, and so the cabinets were sold
on an "under the counter" basis by Allans in Melbourne - that is, they weren't promoted as such, but if you wanted to purchase one,
then they were able to supply it. Being as these cabinets are relatively rare, I took the opportunity to record this one whilst I had the chance
in January 2003.

Updated July 7th, 2009

Some ingenious Aussie engineering here. That looks awfully like a tap fitting directing the sound from the speaker into the horn. Sounds awesome though.
Here's how it all hooks up.