Leslie wasn't the only manufacturer to build spinning speaker cabinets. Here are just a few that I have come across on the net, and a couple that have been sent to me from guys around the globe. There are others that I haven't been able to get pictures of so far, eg the Sharma Cabinet from England. If anyone has pictures of or owns a cabinet that is not a Leslie, please send photos to me so that we can share with the rest of the Hammond Community. We don't see too many of these in Australia.

Echolette Leslie


This is a Yamaha cabinet. Yamaha made two versions that I am aware of, The RA50 (50watt) and the RA100 (100 watt). The speaker was mounted on the end of a rotating bar, and the speaker actually spun around. The rotation was vertical, not horizontal as in most Leslie clones.


This is another of the Yamaha Leslies, I believe the RA100, although The blurb says that it is 70watts Found this on
although it may not be there long, because it is a shop website.

I also found this at the same site, a Solton Leslie.

This contribution comes from Zsolt Szabo, and is his German Allsound LA2700 Leslie. Three way system with three endamps -solid state. Reverb with spring. Made in West Germany, cca 1975. I bought in 1994 without papers. 2×30kg. Lower is 50×60×75, upper is: 50×60×36. Smaller, but in more iron. Rotors is 2 motor system. From axis left side is small axis motor(slow), other side is bigger axis(fast) Changes in between speeds with electromagnetically. Middle position is stop, without motor. Rotors is rubber drived. Accelerations in horn is speed, drum is middlefast. Expectly stop. The stopping time is very longer in drum. cca 20sec. Today price in germany is 500EU. I think Europe is expensive.
I can't read Danish, but Zsolt supplied me with this website - It's worth a visit.

This pic is named Zwarte, and I don't know whether that is the make of the cabinet or not, but the nameplate on the front is unfamiliar to me. Can anyone help identify this one?
Jukka Lepisto, a pro- keyboardist from Finland wrote in May 2009 and said "I think it`s German "Klemt Echolette".