Modding a Leslie for Standard Jack Inputs

I have two Leslies that I use on the road, a regular and a spare. Because I use a Hammond XK2, I have the option of using 11 pin Leslies - (not easy to come by), Or a Leslie with a combo pedal (Also not easy to come by), or modifying the Leslie wiring to allow a jack input. I recently purchased an M3 with a 145 Leslie, that, because the previous owner lived in a remote region, and didn't have a connector kit, the tech chose the jack input method of connection. He used the method shown on the 760 example (below). For enlarged views, click on the individual pictures.

This is my 122, and the plug is standard at the amp.
The cable then runs inside the unit to the pre-amp.
This is the preamp on my 122 - jack inputs x 2
This is my 760. The standard 9 pin connector has been removed, and the amp hard-wired
Here you can see the input and power switch in the middle of the back, and the pre-amp at the top right.
The original input didn't have enough gain for my instruments...........
so we made a separate pre-amp
We wire it all up at the gig like this.

January 16th, 2003
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