The original Bloodhound missile mathematical model was recently declassified, enabling the author to provide a link to the DSTO report database. The model was published in September, 1959 as WRE Report SAD 20.

The historical significance of the model is that, as far as the author is aware, it was the first fully three-dimensional missile model, and the first designed from the beginning to be validated against flight trials, and used to provide accurate information about missile performance as an air defence weapon. This was at the dawn of the computer age, and initially no computer existed with sufficient power to run the model. However the analogue computer AGWAC had been installed in SAD, WRE and was capable of expansion to do the job. It would be many years before a digital computer of sufficient power became available to carry out the task. When a digital computer did become available (IBM 7090) the Report SAD 20 model proved to be just as suitable for digital computation.

The kinematic and dynamic parts of the model are quite general and the author is aware that at least two other missile systems were plugged into it in Australia, and possibly others in Britain and USA.

View WRE Report SAD 20

Read what was accomplished with the model see also Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Astronautics and Guided Flight Secton, Biggs, A. G. and Cawthorne, A. R. Bloodhound Missile Evaluation September, 1962.