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Animated Aboriginal dreamtime Stories for Children

A series of 13 x 5 minute animated videos for television

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Aboriginal Dreamtime stories from Western Australia were told by storytellers to school children from the areas where the stories belong to.

The children drew pictures illustrating the legends they had heard and these drawings were used to design the animation that was combined with the narration of the storyteller and live action linking sequences by Stephen (Baamba) Albert.

  The presenter of Bobtales:
Stephen (Baamba) Albert

is a co-production between
Gripping Films and Graphics
and the
Western Australian Aboriginal Media Association (WAAMA)

Produced with the assistance of
Screen West,
The Australian Film Commission,
The Lotteries Commission
SBS Independent.


Bobtales was screened on

SBS Television in Australia from

29th June 1998 at 5.50 pm

Bobtales was screened in Norway on NRK Television

Bobtales is distributed internationally and within Australia by Film Australia, with the exception of Western Australia.

The videos can be ordered from the Film Australia web site for sales internationally and most of Australia.

Bobtales is ©1997 Gripping Films and Graphics and WAAMA

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