The action plan for Australian mammals 2012

John Woinarski, Andrew Burbidge and Peter Harrison
CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (2014)

This website contains three files relating to the above book.

MAP errata and updates
This document includes errata and Australian mammal taxonomic changes since the end of 2012.

Australian mammals assigned and legal status
This excel file shows the IUCN Red List status assigned in the Action Plan; the status in the IUCN Red List version 2014.1; the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 status; and the legal status in range states and territories.

Conservation Summaries for newly-described taxa
This pdf contains Species Conservation Summaries for the taxa described or 'resurrected' since 2012

The files are available for download and distribution. Please advise us at of any errors or changes in status so we can keep this information up to date and track changes in legal status or any other information that occur in response to the Action Plan evaluations.