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·         Dials

1.      Seconds

2.      Minutes

3.      Hours

4.      Day/Night

5.      Day of Week

6.      Day of Month

·         Material 

o        Wood (Western Australian Sheoak and Jarrah), 

o        A piece of string, Lead Weight, Pendulum Spring.

·         Run Time

o        48 Hours.

·         Accuracy 

o        Less than five seconds per 48 hours.

o        Temperature stability less than 10 seconds per season.

·         Dimension

o        Height  180 cm, Width 52cm, Dial 40cm Diameter.

·         Parts

o         290

·         Drawings

o         136

·         Design, Drafting and Manufacture Period

·         3,000 Hours over a 2.5 years.

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Clock Builders

  Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  First clock build from the drawings January 2001 "Terry Hurley from West Yorkshire England"

  Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  First 3D drawings August 2005 "Stephan"

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  November 2006 "Stephan"

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  October 2008 "Peter"

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  July 2009 "Tim"

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  November 2009 Solid Works "Miguel"

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  November 2009 Auto Desk Inventor rendering of "Miguel’s Solid Works

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  February 2010 “Cliff”

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  June 2011 “Steve”

Terry_Hurley_West_Yorkshire_England  Dec 2012 “Mathew” Westrich, Matthew []


Other Clocks






Consciousness test

The clock has turned out to be a bit of a "consciousness test". The clock is displayed in a prominent position in our entry hall. Only one in 30 new visitors (mostly my kid’s friends) notices that it’s there. The following comments have been received.


- "What color are you going to paint it?" (Mother in-law).
- "I'm sure you can buy another one." The escapement took three months to build and broke when a bicycle fell on it. (A mother from our school who believes that any problem can be solved with a credit card).
- "That's nice. Where do the batteries go?" (Another Mother from the school).
- "Where does the cuckoo bird come out?" (Another mother).

- "Yeah. I've already seen one of those at a Pemberton gallery." (You guessed it, another mother).
- "Nice. So what kit did you assemble from?" (Next door neighbour.)

- "You could display it at a craft fair. You know the ones they have every week end in car parks." (Brother in-law).
- "I'm sorry sir. I only value recognized brands 'Yah, Sniff'. Maybe a craft dealer could provide an estimate" (Internationally renowned clock valuation expert).
- "Have you seen the clock in the reception area Elyne? No! That's nice. That corner needed some decorating" I displayed the clock at work for one day. (Female Engineer.)
- "Could you make me a small wall clock? It should take you less than 1/4 of the time it took you to build the big one." (Sister in law).

- "Could you find some drawings for the clock, some where? I would like to build one too." (Drunk uncle).

- "The wood you have used to make the clock is reconstituted chip board. I know! It's the stuff they make packing cases out of. You can't fool me, it's chip board!" (Brother in-law's friend).


Received many negative comments from work colleagues.


- " I've been in the business for over twenty years and occasionally you get to value some outstanding pieces. This is one of those". (Insurance valuer).
- Out of over 100 people that have seen the clock only two have understood the effort required to design and build the clock. Both were mathematicians.


- Every few months I receive an email from someone with same story. “I’ve recently retired and I would like to make something to leave my family (Before I die)". .
- This is called the end of life crisis. I had my end of life crisis when I was 40 and I vaguely remember having my mid life crisis when I was 14 where I was overcome with a desire to wear gold chains, drive red sports cars and date women 20 years younger.

- The question is "What comes after the End of Life Crisis?"

UpdateDownload Clock Drawings (Updated Detailed Engineering Drawings V2)

View Photo Gallery (Improved quality photographs)

Clock Background. (Improved clock accuracy)

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