Technology Triumphs and Commercial Blunders

NOAA AVHRR Satellite Sensor

Satellite Specification.  

Manufacture                              National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration USA (NOAA)

AVHRR Sensor                        Three Visible, One SWIR and two Thermanl Bands.

Resolution                                 1 Kilometer

Orbit                                         Polar.

Down link                                 Microwave L Band.

Data Rate                                  0.66 Mega Bit per second.

Encoding                                   NRZ


Satellite Receiving Station Specification.  

Dish Size                                   6 Meters Diameter.

Tracking System                        World War II Gun mount with manual azimuth and Elevation controls.

Receiver                                    Strip line Gallium Arsenate Pre amplifier, Horn Antenna

Down convector                        Commercial Super heterodyne communication receiver.

NRZ Decoder                           Phase Locked loop NRZ detector.

Host Computer                         Hewlet Pakard HP1000 mini computer.

Operating system                       RTE III

Computer Interface                   16 bit parallel port.

Data storage capacity                10/20 Mega Byte hard disk.

Data archiving                           1600 dpi magnetic tape.

Image processing software         Written in Fortran IV.


Authors Contribution 

NOAA Receiver To Prototype

RF front end.

NRZ decoder.

Device Driver.

Data Acquisition Software

Image Processing Software.

NOAA Stand Along Image Acquisition System

Processor                                  68010 Micro Processor

Memory                                    256K RAM/ROM

Serial I/O                                  Dual RS232

Mini computer Interface            16 bit Parallel I/O

Display                                      ASCII 40 Character LED

Satellite Interface                       NRZ Demodulator

Bus                                           3U VME 16/24 Bit.

Software                                   Assembler / C

Photo Gallery

   NOAA AVHRR Image of Western Australian. False color infrared 1Km resolution.

NOAA cyclone image of a north west Australia.

NOAA sea surface temperature image of south west Australia.

NOAA land use of south west Australia.

  NOAA Thermal geology image of  north west of Australian 

Technology Triumphs and Commercial Blunders