ADDPRP.ZIP Paul Bienick's property adder to objects outside their class libraries. Very useful.
SLOB.EXE Tom Rettigs utility to set properties on groups of selected objects - saves a lot of time.
TRUE.EXE Tom Rettigs Utility Extensions (TRUE). Classes for extending the database container with custom properties (such as a next invoice number counter - incrementing function provided by Tom). Also a class for setting the foxpro enviroment and a function for turning a prg into a class vcx file. The data base extension is a must.
FFRPT.ZIP Linus Hung's find and filter classes - nice examples.
SUPERCLS.ZIP Ken Levy's superclass utility that shows and edits the parent class of the method
JTOOL.ZIP Joe Homnick's formatting toolbar class that automatically formats data bound textbox controls with a caption, input mask, name, height and width property settings. Additionally, it sets font, size, bolding for all selected controls on a form.
LISTRU.ZIP William J. O'Connor's utility to provide a well formated List Structure report of Visual FoxPro Tables.
CLASSES.ZIP George L. Dvorak's utility to list all class libraries and program files related to a project file.
BARCODE.ZIP Paul Andre LeBlanc's barcode font. An easy way to create barcodes from within Visual FoxPro.
DBCX.ZIP Mike Feltman's utility for extending DBC files.
BLDSQL.ZIP Jon Wiest's end user SQL Builder enabling users to create create complex boolean expressions.
JMTOOLS.ZIP Jorge Martinez's set of editor extensions for VFP. including: Comment/UnComment Indent/Outdent Nest Structures AutoExpand QuickGrab Remember Caps Field List Builder and Set Default To.
VFPTOOLS.ZIP Kelly G. Conway's VFP object manipulation tools to enable properties to be set for multiple selected objects, and browsing of properties, events and methods for an instantiated class (object)
OBJECT EXPLORER 1.1 The ObjectExplorer by Markus Egger is a tool which allows you to explore objects in the memory of Visual FoxPro. It displays objects, their properties, events and methods, and all their member-objects with all their properties, events and methods. You can edit the properties and you can fire the events and methods. This tool can also act like a builder. In this case you can't fire the methods, but you can edit the source code instead. There are some little bugfixes in this version. But the really important things are the new features to hide methods and default properties. Using this features, you have a lot better overview over your objects.
GENREPOX for Foxpro 2.6 GENREPOX 2.1 for VFP GENREPOX Beta 3.1 for VFP3+ GenRepoX by Markus Egger is a powertool extender. It is very similar to GenScrnX and GenMenuX. It extends the internal FoxPro report writer with *:-commands. This tool is freeware and my be copied and used as often as you want. Some of the most important features are: Functions in reports, multiple detail bands, coloring fields and changing their fonts depending on their values, choosing fields from a list, and lots more.