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Dance Partner Search for Dancers in Western Australia

Conditions "Please Read"

1. Once you have a partner you must advise this website's administrator that you no longer need your add on the web.
2. Your submission is only online for a 3 month period, after that you may submit a new Partner Search Add.
3. You must scrutinize the contacts you make through this Partner Search to make sure they are authentic.
4. Online Danceline cannot possibly screen every advertisement effectively therefore:
5. Online Danceline recommends you contact either their studio or their coach for verification.
6. Online Danceline accepts no responsibility for the contact you make, should it not be sincere.
7. By submitting your details on the Partner Search, you are agreeing to your details being available to the public.
8. Photos must be sent as attachments only via email, please do not send in word documents. JPEG format only please!


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So please use your MOUSE to move from one textbox to the next or TAB.

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Please enter further comments about your yourself eg. elevation level in each style,
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PLEASE NOTE: To place a photo of yourself with your partner search please send in JPEG format no more than 100K's.
Email Me!  and send your photo as an attachment. Please include your name in the email for verification. Thank you!

SPECIAL NOTICE: Please do not send your photos in a Word Document, as it takes longer to
process them.  I am sorry... but sending them this way, I will not use them. 
Please make sure they are jpegs sent as an attachments in a separate email.

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