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On this page there are Photos of Dancesport Competitors taken at competitions throughout the year. If for any reason you are not happy with your photo, please email me and I will remove your photo from this site... Thank you!

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2018 Photos

DanceZone WA Primary Schools Program

Folder 1 (13 Pages)


All links to 2018 photos can be viewed at Dancescene WA

Photos by VC Photography


2017 Photos

All links to 2017 photos can be viewed at Dancescene WA


2016 Photos

Humphreys Spring Ball 10 September 2016

Folder 01 (6 pages)

2015 Photos (on Anna's Facebook)

DMIA Spring Championship 30 August 2015

ADS Night of Stars National Championship 13 June 2015

DMIA Star Championship 24 May 2015


WA Open DanceSport Championship 26 October 2014

Folder 1 (8 pages)    Folder 2 (7 pages)   

AID Rising Star Ch/ship/ 21 September 2014

Feature Photos on Facebook

DMIA Fremantle Ch/ship 31 August 2014

All photos will be available at DMIA Website 

Feature Photos on Facebook

DMIA Star Ch/ship 10 August 2014

All photos will be available at DMIA Website 

Below are just some feature photos which were also displayed on Facebook

Folder 1 (4 Pages) 

AID Annual Ch/ship 20  July 2014

Folder 1 (9 Pages)    Folder 2 (8 pages)


ADS Go for 2 & 5 Night of Stars - 14 June 2014

View Public Folder on Facebook     Recreational Dancers on Facebook

Folder 1 (7 Pages)  


DMIA Metropolitan Ch/ship - 25 May 2014

View photos at DMIA website

ADS Great Western - 6 April 2014

Folder 1 (8 Pages)    Folder 2 (7 Pages)

AID Blue Riband  Ch/ship - 16 March 2014

Folder 1 (7 Pages)    Folder 2 (7 Pages)    Folder 3 (9 Pages)   

To view Brian Taylor photos - B & G Photography please follow this link to his Facebook


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