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Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More about search engines

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Multi-Engine Searchers (Search for a subject in many search engines at once)

Acroplex - Search & Directory
All4One Search Machine
Searches Alta Vista, Lycos, WebCrawler, and Yahoo simultaneously. Frames-based. You can maximize any one of the frames to get a full-screen view.
Ask Jeeves
Cyber 411 main search engine index
A metasearch engine with a search interface that "takes a single line for a query and processes it so that you will get the maximum benefit from your search. " - site info. Use simple, advanced or customized search interfaces to send your query to twenty-three different search engines. Customizable to search your favorite search engines first.
Inference Find
A "second generation" metasearcher designed to search in parallel a variety of search engines, merge the results, remove redundancies and cluster the hits into logical groupings.
MetaSearch Engines
ProFusion is a metasearch engine which uses other search engines to get initial search results and do further processing on its own. You can choose which search engines you wish it to search. ProFusion filters the search results to remove duplicates and broken links. It will also run regular searches on a subject of particular interest to you and notify you when there are new results.
C/Net's search service. A "one-stop-shopping " center, includes links to more than 100 search engines. You can also create a personalized search page tailored to your own interests.
A new meta search engine - appears very good.

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Software search engines

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World Wide Web: Subject Indexes and Catalogs

Part of the Lycos service, Popular Sites From A2Z is an annotated directory of web resources arranged by broad subject category.
Argus Clearinghouse
"The Argus Clearinghouse provides a central access point for value-added topical guides which identify, describe, and evaluate Internet-based information resources [by subject]"...Formerly called the Clearinghouse for Subject Oriented Internet Resource Guides and housed at the University of Michigan.
BUBL Information Service
Based at the University of Strathclyde, BUBL (originally Bulletin Board for Libraries) provides a subject-based service to the academic and research community via the BUBL Subject Tree. The subject tree can be viewed either in alphabetical order or in numerical order by UDC number.
Cyberhound Online
Maintained by Gale Research, CyberHound is an annotated database of Internet resources. Currently includes more than 60,000 sites and for each provides a description, rating, host & contact info, database language, fee info, advertising policy, scope, etc.
Internet Resources (Miami University Libraries)
A superior list of Web and other Internet resources including directories, indexes, search tools and help. Check out the "Information by Subject Area" section.
Internet Sleuth
Librarian's Index to the Internet
"The Librarians' Index to the Internet is a searchable, annotated, subject directory of more than 2,500 Internet resources chosen for their usefulness to the public library user's information needs." - site intro. Searchable.
There is a lot more here than meets the eye--more than 100,000 links to Internet resources. Beginning with a general topic like Education and Reference or Issues and Society , you move through a succession of frames to narrow your search down to specific sites, all of which are annotated. This popular site is maintained by the Reader's Digest.
Magellan Internet Guide
Sites reviewed/rated and arranged by broad subject categories. You can either search the whole database or just those sites reviewed/rated by Magellan.
Michigan Electronic Library
"The Michigan Electronic Library is a free resource available on the World Wide Web that evaluates and organizes over 7,000 Internet resources in 13 subject areas... professional librarians who are experts in their fields search the Internet for resources with quality content and recognized authority. They then arrange their collections using subject headings that make the most sense for their intended audience." - Net Happenings, 11/01/96
The Net: The Ultimate Internet Guide
Online edition of The'Net magazine. Includes the searchable "Blue Pages" of web site reviews online arranged in broad subject categories.
Selected Web Sites By Subject
Maintained by the Library, University of Pennsylvania.
WWW Virtual Library
Distributed subject catalog of Internet resources.
Web Central
Wired Source
Maintained by Wired magazine, this site is..."organized into seven major areas: search and index, news, net issues, business, government, education, and the arts. On each page within this structure users will find annotated links to a selection of resources. Search blanks are often provided, allowing users to access resources directly from the Wired Source page." - Scout Report, 10/11/96.
Xplore - A Guide to the Internet

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