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About Aqua Marine Consultancy
Captain Behram Cooper Cargo and Marine Consultant and Surveyor

My name is Behram Cooper. I started my sea career in 1970 with the Shipping Corporation of India, as a Deck Cadet.

Besides SCI, I have served with Dockendale Ship Management, Reederei Egon Oldendorff, Wallem Ship Management and Seaarland Ship Management.

In due course, I rose through the ranks and gained command of my first ocean-going vessel in 1981.I served as a ship's Master on Product Carriers, Crude Carriers, VLCCs and Bulk Carriers for ten years after getting my first command. During those years, I have gained an immense amount of experience.

In 1992, I migrated to Australia with my family. I started work as a marine consultant/surveyor with a prominent surveying company in Fremantle. I also gained experience in the neighbouring ports of Bunbury, Albany, Esperance and Geraldton.

In 2014, retired as a General Manager of that same company I referred to above. I then started this one man show in order to provide service to the shipping and shipping related community in the local and surrounding area.

During my service at sea and as a marine surveyor, I became a sort of expert in the loading of several bulk cargoes. Cargoes such as alumina, grain, mineral sands, and other bulk cargoes. Cargo Hold preparation for loading these delicate and sensitive bulk cargoes became my forte.

I have worked extensively (for about 20 years) at the Alcoa Terminal at Kwinana and have a fairly good working knowledge of the Alcoa and South 32 Terminals at Bunbury. Generating a load plan and providing assistance to the Master at Alcoa Terminal is kind of in my blood.

I have also done extensive work in the realm of container and flatrack lashing and securing and container/cargo damage surveys.

Besides being a master mariner, I also pursue a few hobbies. Among the hobbies I am passionate about, are:
[] Photgraphy
[] Web Design
[] Graphic Design and
[] Desk-top Publishing

I am a person of a genuinely helping nature. So, if you contact me and it so happens that I am unable to assist you for some reason, I will put you in touch with people who can assist you in that specific field.

19, Fallow Crescent
WA 6163

Phone / Mobile:
+61 8 94341153 / +61 488 827 826



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