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Welcome to our web page.

The Satsuki Society of Australasia Inc. has been created to encourage and help anyone in Australasia and elsewhere to grow Satsuki Azaleas whether as bonsai, grown in the ground or as pot plants. The main focus is as Bonsai or Meika ( the old way of Satsuki bonsai focussed on balanced flower production instead of bonsai form as such ) and information will freely be passed on to anyone who asks.

We hope that the division into accessible sections will make life just that bit easier for you.

If you have an organisation that is connected and would like us to provide a Link then please submit your requests and we will help if we can.

The three Satsuki bonsai growers, nicknamed the three wise monkeys, who have started the ball rolling are:

Arthur Robinson; Satsuki bonsai artist ( has grown everything for bonsai since 1960 but is specialised now ), propagator, breeder, teacher/demonstrator, author and Chairperson of the Satsuki Society of Australasia Inc.

Susie Nolan; Enthusiastic grower ( despite her main Satsuki variety having needles and going under the name of Black Pine ), great organiser and the Secretary/Treasurer of the Satsuki Society of Australasia Inc.

Alf Devine; Having come from a background of growing most species of bonsai and with special knowledge of Australian Natives as bonsai, is now deeply involved in growing Satsuki.

He is a source of many good ideas and is the Vice Chairperson of our organisation.

Thatís enough about us. Please enjoy yourselves and donít be frightened to ask questions, we all keep learning.

Arthur Robinson

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