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Handy Tips

During the course of re-potting, it is a good idea to scrub the trunk and branches using a tooth brush ( or brush created for the purpose ) and water. This keeps everything clean but also encourages back budding, a most useful attribute of Satsuki.

During the cultivation of Satsuki it is essential to wire the branches and fine twigs, putting plenty of bends in to them. There are 2 important results from this.

  1. It eliminates straight sections which would eventually not only look boring but become quite coarse in appearance.
  2. It encourages the plant to bud out more, particularly on the finer branches.

Satsuki are basally strong. Only cut into the top of the plant if a massive re-modelling is taking place and a lot of material is being pruned off the lower branches and the plant is being re-potted. Shaping the top is mostly carried out by wiring otherwise the Satsuki is greatly weakened and the top may be lost completely.

Komei satsuki azalea

Komei satsuki azalea


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