12 January 2019 - Atkins Family: minor data updates. added "stories" and included a story of the building of the Ashburton River Bridge.

12 November 2018 - Additional information for Sheila Meredith Earle in Greene Family Tree. History of Waterhatch Farm added to Broun-Sewell Family Tree. Additions to Stephen Hastings, Remus Henry, Remus Robert and Edmund Arthur Atkins added to Atkins Family Tree.

16 March 2018 - some alterations to the Shekleton group

8 January 2018 - some additions to the McLennan family in the Broun-Sewell Group

4 November 2017 - added a page for Caroline Broun's story: drawn from a diary she wrote after she left the Swan River Colony.

5 May 2017 - Updated verification of births/baptisms and deaths of Peter and Caroline Broun's children. William (b 1837) has been deleted as no evidence of his birth has been found. Septimus (1841) is still in questionable as no information has been found to date and subject to competion of some further lines of enquiry will be deleted if no evidence is forthcoming. Evidence not previously presented here for other children has now been included.

26 April 2017 - Changes to Broun-Sewell tree. Corrected photo name: Image of Vivian Tyndall Sewell has been removed. Image of Ivy Gertrude Sewell posted, the image was incorrectly attributed to the former. Corrected Caroline Simpson's birth details based on advice from D. Blue and information sourced on LDS

19 February 2017 - Added to Caroline Broun's story